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In spite of the fact that the Environment Agency is responsible for investigating larger scale fly-tipping and fly-tipping by organised gangs their report entitled Regulating for people, the environment and growth, 2018 only mentions fly-tipping once in its 53 pages.

In 1.2.2 they report that there had been 81 illegal waste incidents (presumably incidents reported to the EA) in 2018 of which 50% were “attributed “to illegal waste sites. Why “attributed”? Don’t they know for certain? Also how many of the other 50% were attributable to fly-tipping? They do not say.

In 1.3.2 they say that “We dealt with 204 incidents of illegal large-scale dumping in the financial year 2018 to 2019”. But what do they mean by “dealt with”. Did they prosecute 204 cases or did they just log 204 reports and do nothing? Why weren’t these 204 cases not included in the 81 illegal waste incidents?

In 1.4 they say that in 2018 they:

  • issued 236 enforcement notices (156 for registered companies)
  • issued 38 formal cautions (16 for registered companies)
  • brought 113 prosecution cases (30 for registered companies)

But it is not clear if any of these were for fly-tipping / large-scale dumping.

New information request to the Environment Agency

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Peter Silverman
28th October 2019


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