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Of the 113 prosecutions the EA made in 2018/19 only one was for fly-tipping.

The Environment Agency publication “Regulating for people, the environment and growth, 2018” says that as a result of its 113 prosecutions in 2018 the courts fined businesses and individuals almost £2.8 million for environmental offences.

I submitted an information request to find out how many of the prosecutions were for fly-tipping.

I was sent this spreadsheet on 7th November 2019 showing the prosecution’s made by the EA in 2018/19. They wrote that :

A column in this report (column I) shows which cases related to illegal dumping. The ones so noted include any which might be regarded as fly tipping cases, although we do not use this term in our data.

There were 12 such cases of “illegal dumping” which I copied and pasted onto a new spreadsheet to examine them more closely.

It turned out that 11 of them were for offences committed on waste management sites i.e. were not for fly-tipping leaving just one which was. The fine and costs were shown as £2,000 and £2,500 respectively and under “other penalties” it said “Compensation £260 -Thinking Skills for fly-tipping at £55 per month”.

Interestingly in their report Regulating for people, the environment and growth, 2018 the EA make one reference to “fly-tipping” but 5 to “illegal dumping”.

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