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Analysis of all prosecutions made under EPA S33(1) by the Environment Agency in 2017.

Please refer to the spreadsheet provided by the EA showing the relevant information for 2016 and 2107

My interest is to see how many were for fly-tipping as opposed to other offences falling under EPA S33(1) such as the mishandling of waste at waste transfer / treatment / storage facilities.

30 cases are listed for 2017. (I have added the reference numbers in the left hand column). They can be split as follows:

Cases where Industry Sector is given as a Waste Management treatment facility or similar: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. – Total 16

Cases not included above where offence is under EPA S33(1) (c) only: 13, 20 Total 2. (Fines were nil and £250)

Cases where Google searches on names and locations showed that the offence was not fly-tipping.  Total 7:

12   House, David  Frenches Farm Watery Lane poole BH16 5ND -illegally stored waste on his farm See article

14.  Knipe, Richard George – fine £350 – Lives at location of offence, Todds Farm Kendall

16. Metcalfe, Adam See article

17  Millen, John  See article

22  Suddes, Christine See article

23. Suddes Stephen Same location and trial date as 22.

30 Williams, Annette See article

Cases where searches show that the offence was fly-tipping Total 3

9  Corbally, Patrick James  – Farm Priory Fishing Club Upminster   –  suspended sentence + £25,000 fine

10 Corbally,Patrick Lee – Farm Priory Fishing Club Upminster  –   suspended sentence + £50,00 fine

Both offences were dealt with on the same day.  It is understood that 30/40 tipper loads of waste were fly-tipped over an 18 month period at the same location – Source telcon with  fishing club.

15.  McRoberts, Kirk See article Definitely fly-tipping    Fine £900

Cases were it is not clear what offence was committed Total 2

4. Ayling Michael – £850 fine.

24. Sullivan, James – Fine £1,600

In conclusion the EA prosecuted between 3 and 5 cases of fly-tipping in 2017


Peter Silverman
10th April 2018

















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