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Remember this video?

To find out why waste transport vehicle operators seem to get away with this behavior I asked the Environment Agency for details of the last 4 prosecutions they had made against such organisations  for allowing waste to escape onto the rhighways.

The offence would be under Environmental Protection Act S34 (1) – Duty of care etc as respects waste

It is worth noting that under a protocol agreed with the Local Government Association it is the EA not the councils who deal with offences committed by registered waste carriers.

There was a trivial prosecution in 1999 – the fine and costs only amounted to £250.

Apart from this the only other prosecution was as a result of a complaint made by me in 2003!

I was the only eye witness at the hearing held at Action Magistrates Court in Aug 2004. The operator was fined £5,000 with costs of £15,000.

I had followed a skip lorry spilling its load on the A40 near Nothholt Airport to its base nearby. The company in question was K & B Allsizes Ltd aka K & B Waste Management Ltd.

Since then I have made 2 similar complaints to the EA. One was in 2012 – no action was taken. The other, supported by the above video, was made in August this year. The EA said they were “not resourced at this time to take prosecutions for this type of offence”.

Environment Agency admit they are no longer rescourced to prosecute waste transport vehicles operators

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Peter Silverman
27th October 2016


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