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In June 2018 DfT officials asked Highways England for the costs that would be incurred if they took over the cleaning of those of their trunk roads on their network which councils had to clean. 16 months later no response has been forthcoming .

In order to introduce a transfer of responsibility for the removal of litter on trunk roads such as the A34 from Local Authorities to Highways England the necessary additional funds would have to be made available to the Department and Highways England. I have asked Departmental officials to work with Highways England to assess the costs involved.

Roads Minister Jesse Norman in House of Commons 3rd May 2018

In response to my FOI enquiry the DfT have told me that the cost assessment has still not been completed.

The project had not however been suspended.

They sent a copy of the letter formally commissioning the information from Highways England. The meta data on this undated letter shows it was sent on 16th June 2018. This 6 weeks after the Ministers statement. It asks for answers from Highways England by the end of July 2018.

16 months later the information is still outstanding.

Intriguingly the letter makes no reference to the fact that the Minister had requested the assessment. It says “this issue has the potential to gain significant Ministerial interest”

Peter Silverman
Litter – the big Westminster cover up
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