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The DfT hold no detailed breakdown of the figures included in RIS2. They have seemingly been approved without any meaningful scrutiny.

Please refer to RIS2 – The DfT are handing out £6.0 billion to Highways England without an itemised bill!

When I asked for a breakdown of the £6,074 (approx $6.0 billion) figure for maintenance etc (see top right of the table). I was told by the DfT on 5th May 2020:

“any further breakdown of the table set out in the RIS2 document is not held by the Department”

So the DfT have no breakdown of any of the figures in their RIS2 (Road Investment Strategy 2) not just the £6 billion for maintenance etc

In their letter they say in their defence:

The Road Investment Strategy 2 (RIS2) sets out the overarching framework that Highways England will work within. Highways England is currently in the process of completing its Delivery Plan. This will outline what they will do over the five-year RIS period to deliver the objectives that we expect Highways England to achieve and the financial resources to deliver this.

But under S3 (3) of the Infrastructure Act

A Road Investment Strategy must specify— (a) the objectives to be achieved by the company during the period to which it relates, and (b) the financial resources to be provided by the Secretary of State for the purpose of achieving those objectives.

I can only assume that the figues in the table have been provided by Highways England and put in RIS2 without any scrutiny by the DfT or the ORR (Office of Rail & Road).


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