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Bernadette Kelly

Please find below copies of my e-mails to the Permanent Secretary at DfT of 19th and 22nd November 2020

For the attention of Bernadette Kelly
Permanent Secretary at the Department for Transport
19th November 2020

I am writing to express my concerns about the paucity of information in the second Road Investment Strategy 2020 -2025, RIS2 ,with regard to the funding of Highways England as expressed on page 119 as follows:

[“Item £000’s” should have read “Item £000,000s”]

Surprisingly no further breakdown of these figures were provided.

When I asked your department for a breakdown I was told that the DfT did not hold this information [05/05/2007/10/20 05/10/20].

The draft RIS2 published in October 2018 simply gave a single figure of £25.3 billion for the financial resources to be made available. The final RIS2 was then laid before Parliament on 11th March 2020, just 20 days before it went live. 

How could stakeholders, taxpayers and Members of Parliament have expressed their views on the way in which such an enormous amount of money was being spent when presented with such a paucity of information in such an untimely manner?

How could your own Department have approved the expenditure of the funds with no breakdown of these figures to hand?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Peter Silverman

pdf of e-mail

From: Peter Silverman
Date: Monday, 23 November 2020 at 12:44
To: Bernadette Kelly – Permanent Secretary DfT
Subject: Concerns about RIS2 funding (2)

Further examination of your Department’s communication of 05/10/20 shows that the they did in fact hold a breakdown of the data in the RIS2 table.

Why they said they did not on 05/05/20 & 07/10/20 is a mystery. The good news is that you only now need to address my first question. King regards

Peter Silverman
“Your goal should be to be less wrong” – E Musk

pdf of e-mail

Response from DfT Correspondence Team

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