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We would like to know – DEFRA seem to have sat on this information for over a year!

In September 2019 DEFRA had asked all 190 local authorities charged with the task of cleaning Highways England trunk roads :

Please describe your experience of co-ordinating works and access for litter-picking with Highways England. Are you aware of the Highways England Collaboration Pack? If so do you currently use the pack?

This was in the follow-up letter telling them how they had performed in a survey carried out by DEFRA in 2018.

In November 2020 DEFRA said in reference to the survey “Please note that we are in the process of this analysis at present, having been delayed by departmental reprioritisation”. Is this DEFRA speak for the results are embarrassing so we are going to sit on them?

I have therefore:

Written to the DfT asking if DEFRA had shared the responses with them and, if so what, did it say about the success or otherwise of Highways England’s efforts to work collaboratively with local authorities?

Put in an information request to DEFRA asking for copies of the responses.


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