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Many councils charge residents for dumping DIY waste (old fitted furniture, plasterboard etc) at their Household Waste Recycling Centres – providing a financial incentive for fly-tippers. 

The Government do not think these charges are lawful. Andrea Leadsom even wrote to Conservative MPs saying that they were going to stop councils making them.

However, the government are simply wrong. Councils can legally make these charges.

I have wrote to the Permanent Secretary  DEFRA on 27th April 2018 spelling out why this is the case and recommending the introduction of legislation to abolish them, and to compensate councils accordingly.

Sadly, the mix up means that this option was not addressed in the Litter Strategy review or subsequently.

I received a reply from DEFRA on 26th June simply saying that they expected new guidance from WRAP later this year – with no rebuttal of the points I had made.

Read my e-mail to DEFRA

Reply from DEFRA



Peter Silverman
17th July 2018


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