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I have been studying Invitation to Tender SURVEY OF ROADSIDE LITTER ON TRUNK ROADS OTHER THAN MOTORWAYS   DEFRA are due to publish the results towards the end of 2018.

I have a number of concerns.

Highways England’s regular photo surveillance programme

According to page 21 some observations …..

…   will be provided by Highways England via their regular road surveillance programme. All data collected by Highways England is photo imagery and precisely geo referenced. They collect photo imagery data for the entire road network, including sliproads, and so the contractor can be confident that the locations they choose to sample will also be covered by Highways England.

I simply did not believe that HE collected such information and  put in a freedom of information enquiry to Highways England

I was right. Highways England replied on 4th December saying:

“We are not aware of the Road Surveillance Programme you mention”

Which trunk roads are included?

On P20 reference is made to the following statement on P58 of the Government’s Litter Strategy:

“The Government will commission and publish an independent assessment of road cleanliness and publish cleanliness reviews by authority. We will then set a deadline for underperforming authorities to improve their performance within this Parliament”.

The implication is that this survey is being carried out to fulfil that commitment.

In it DEFRA is referred to as the Authority. It says:

The Authority [ = DEFRA] is looking for suppliers to conduct a SURVEY OF ROADSIDE LITTER ON TRUNK ROADS OTHER THAN MOTORWAYS. The overarching aims of the project are as follows to collect and/or analyse data on the cleanliness of roadsides for trunk roads other than motorways.

This appears in the section on Highways England and the strategic road network


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