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Fly-tipping gangs such as the one that dumped this rubbish in Enfield can act with impunity.

The Environment Agency only took between 3 to 5 perpetrators to court 2017.

DEFRA Minister, Therese Coffey’s claim that the EA deal with over 200 incidents of large scale fly-tipping per annum is grossly misleading.





From: Peter Silverman – Clean Highways
Date: Monday, 21 May 2018 at 15:30
To: Claire Moriarty – Permanent Secretary DEFRA
Cc: Neil Parish MP – Chair Environment Select Committee
Subject: Large-scale fly-tipping

In March I was called out by ITV News to this massive fly-tipping incident in Enfield. I was told that all of the material had been dumped late at night by multiple lorries over a 3 or 4 day period. Access was via the end of a residential street.  The land was overlooked by other residential property and was adjacent to a playground.

What perplexed me was why anyone would participate in such an atrocity when:

They risked an unlimited fine and up to 5 years in prison.

The Environment Agency, who are responsible for investigating such large scale fly-tipping, has specialist teams who work in partnership with local councils, the police and HMRC to tackle waste crime.

The number of incidents of large scale fly–tipping dealt with in 2016 by the Environment Agency was more than 200.

Surely the risk would be just too great. I decided to look into the statistics I had previously requested from your department and do some further research.

This showed that in 2017 the EA only prosecuted:

Three cases which were definitely for fly-tipping. Two of these were for the same incident with combined fines of £75,000. In the other case the fine was only £900.

There were two other cases where I was not able to determine whether or not they were for fly-tipping or for other offences under EPA S33 (1). The fines in each case were £850 and £1,600.

So it looks as if the Environment Agency only took one incident of very large scale fly-tipping through to prosecution in 2017.

This would seem to be why gangs perpetrating crimes such as the Enfield incident can act with impunity.

On 10thApril I wrote to your Deputy Director, Chris Preston, and asked him to check my analysis which can be seen here. He has not yet come back to me.

Do you agree with (a) my analysis and (b) my conclusion?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Silverman
(Phone number removed)
(Mobile number removed)

Therese Coffey’s claim that the EA deal with over 200 incidents of fly-tipping pa

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