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On Highways Agency Roads

If you want to voice your concerns about the littered state of the Highways Agency’s network of motorways and trunk roads please go to Feedback form – Highways Agency roads. Any road on this map is on the network.

Your comments will be published on this web site, forwarded to both the CEO and Chairman of the Agency and followed up with them. They will also be used to help put the case for reform to MPs and the media.

Your feedback featured prominently in two recent reports to the Highways Agency of 11th February 2015 and 20th February 2015.

Please note you can report litter directly to the Highways Agency at However your report will almost certainly  be passed to the relevant area contractor i.e. the company whose work you are complaining about.

Sorry, I am suspending this service because I am being overloaded with your fantastic feedback.

You have provided a mass of testimony on the dreadful state of our highways, in particular those run by the Highways Agency.

Instead of spending time processing more of it I want to use that time to press home what you have already told me. See Your feedback & support.


Instead of sending in mores specific complaints please see


If you want to contact me:

privately about the Highways Agency network or elaborate on your public feedback or,

about local authority controlled roads, or

anything else

please use my General contact form.

What is particularly useful are copies of correspondence you have had with councils, the Highways Agency or their contractors about litter. These can be most revealing.

Photos and video clips are also helpful.


Your e-mail address will not be passed on to anyone else. Unless you tell me not to I will however add it to my newsletter distribution list.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Silverman 


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