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Peter Silverman.


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  1. Larry says:

    I do love it when they cut the grass and then spatter the dropped litter all over the place ,not

  2. John Stockwell says:

    Having taken the trouble to report the disgusting amount of litter on the A11/A14 between the M11 junction and Norwich a journey I take often. Highways England informed me it was the local authority who were responsible for cleansing operations. I was directed to Suffolk County Council whose on line reporting system stated it was not within their responsibility but another’s, I went for Cambridgeshire County Council and it told me it was Highways England who were responsible. No wonder nothing gets done when everyone says they the same thing and ducks the balls being tossed in their direction perhaps we need to take the salary of these so called responsible people and hire contractors to do their jobs for them.

  3. Gabriel says:

    It’s disgraceful every road and highway I drive down is caked with litter, the uk government says we have a good handle on litter,


    Do something about it for the love of god

  4. The litter and rubbish on M42 from Birmingham to Ashby is terrible has a refuse lorry shed its load. Very sad to see

  5. Alona Moisejeva says:

    A47 All the way from Kings Lynn to Norwich looks absolutely horrible I feel absolutely down and honestly want to stop and collect all these rubbish, unfortunately it is not safe at all. I would be more then happy to volunteer if there is any company who can provide those kind of services.
    Thank you

  6. Janice Walsh says:

    Driving East on A47 to Norwich. Litter an absolute disgrace all along the road. Visiting the area on holiday and this really gets you down before you even get to your destination.

  7. Paul Goodall says:

    I drive on the A1 joining it at Worksop leaving it at Newark and the litter along the verges and plastic in the bushes stays the same year after year.
    One would have thought with all the technology and equipment available it would be less labour intensive to remove this eyesore and a blight on the countryside, and spooling what should be an enjoyable drive.
    Billions spent on a railway and nothing spent on cleaning our roads.

  8. Mark Morton says:

    I drive all around England and I am sick and tired of seeing litter broken road signs cones and temporary metal signs all over our motorways and A roads it’s a disgrace .The cones are there for years the grass grows through them as they are there so long a complete mess

  9. James Brown says:

    I have recently returned from Spain having driven the A7 motorway to Xavier and back. Where this motorway is very clear of litter. I was shocked on my return to England by the chaos on the M20 and the Disgraceful appearance of litter along the A3 .This ghastly sight makes this country more like a Third World country. Can the Highways Authority please do something about it. I also notice the grass verges and hedges are trimmed back regularly, but the people that do this job have no responsibility for LITTER. WHY NOT.

  10. William Ruddock says:

    The state of our motorways nationwide is nothing short of abysmal and absolutely filthy. Such ignorance and blind stupidity is totally inexcusable and yes the government,authorities and of course puplic are all equally to blame for this outrageous disgusting situation. The mentality of those whom clearly couldn’t care less and are the root cause of this mess truly in my mind beggars belief. High time this awful trajedy and damage to the environment was completely turned around and for heavens sake kept that way.

    “Bless those who care and see things differently.”

  11. Denise lally says:

    I found myself actually crying when traveling on m1 and A roads around derbyshire…and it is an epidemic of litter and dumping of rubbish on verges…..but it seems to be all across the country!!! This appears to have happened over the recent years…..the country is a giant s…..tip….why are the highways not cleaning up ?….it is becoming an insurmountable problem….and no_one seems to care….we need to put the people we pay with our taxes etc:to do there job at cleaning these disgusting areas up…it is also becoming a danger to drive on our motorways….and harsher fines for people who just think it’s ok to throw litter and rubbish everywhere….

  12. Barry John Jones says:

    hi mr p silverman
    just be stop by police for no brake light gave me a chance to fix it or get towed away so i fix it at the sie of road i safe place
    which i aggree was right on both partys side was fair but the van was a tipper and the other police offer gave me a fine for un safe load which was two wooden plallets and a spade and 4 bags of sand no exceeing the hight of the side of van wich is appox 12 inch pallets no more than 9 inch he said they should be strap down as they might fall off highly unlikly unless van was on side which it wasnt
    i just dont see the reason for this
    you barry jones

  13. G Jordan says:

    Brighton and Hove City Council shirk their responsibility and have not cleared the disgusting roadside eyesores, particularly on A27 and A23, for months. The whole roadside looks like a giant tip. In spite of numerous complaints, they do not take action. The local paper has printed photos of other political parties standing by these filthy roadsides, and still theCouncil ignore. Brighton and Hove Council is run by THE GREEN PARTY!!! What a sick joke.

    • Suzanne Charles says:

      I totally agree with you. One particular horror is the flyover at Shoreham. It hasn’t been touched for years. Some of the worst junk is left by the council itself. There is a vast collection here and on many roads of uncollected metal sign triangles, broken sand bags and traffic colons. Proof that repair work is not inspected or completed. This country is a disgrace.

  14. When I first moved down here I couldn’t believe how clean the highways and roads were. Now highways and roads look like a garbage dump and it is such a shame that nothing is being done about it. Whatever happened to prisoners coming out and cleaning up the roads I never see them out down here at all and it should be on a daily basis that’s how bad our roads are! Keep it clean like it used to be!

  15. Andrew Goodall says:

    Totally agree with everyone. The A31 at Canford Bottom and all the way along to Ferndown is an absolute disgrace. People visiting this country must think that they are in a third world country. I feel ashamed to be british . The problem is nobody seems to care . I sent e mail to my local MP and the reply was contact your local parish council and Highways Agency are in charge of clearing litter on Motorways and A roads. Well they are obviously not doing that . No doubt they will say its a cost issue and they dont have the man power. If something isn’t done about this epidemic very soon its going to ve even worse.

  16. ZAD says:


    use the above link to make a formal complaint

  17. Jon Tydeman says:

    The M3 between Eastleigh and Winchester and the A34 between Winchester and Oxford are both a disgrace – miles and miles of filth and litter. It is very obvious this stretch of road is not being cleaned frequently enough.

  18. Jacob Hudson says:

    The A639 junction leading onto Wrangbrook Lane is constantly littered with rubbish and hasn’t been properly cleaned in years. And the entire of the A1 looks like a dumping ground with every lay-by looking like a tip. It’s really hard to be proud of where you live when someone visits from a different area and their first comment is how dirty the area is. We have speed cameras, why not fly tipping cameras? Once people start getting fined they’d soon stop being scrubbers.

  19. Lorraine says:

    I drive from Bedford to Northampton on a daily basis, the rubbish on the A421 and the slip roads on and off the A421 is disgusting.. I don’t think the rubbish has been collected for months, it is an eyesore never seen it so bad🤬.

    The A421 from the black cat roundabout down to the M1 both north and south bound need a good clean. The litter bins in the lay-bys are over flowing don’t think they have been emptied for months.

  20. John C says:

    Just driven from Lincoln to Hull on the A15. I counted over 20 discarded tyres, 42 dumped cones, and numerous abandoned road signs, The roadside verges are literally covered in rubbish including the usual plastic bag decoration of trees. Bins in laybys are overflowing. It so depressing, such a wanton disregard for the countryside.

  21. Nicola says:

    I am so glad I have found a site that mirrors my frustrations and shock at the amount of litter/rubbish that fills the side of the motorways and grass verges. When did this happen? It’s like someone has just come along and driven down the hard shoulder emptying bags.
    I have read a lot of the post and it seems it isn’t just my town Oldham, Greater Manchester.
    I feel so angry about this however like many have said oh here, nobody appears to care and I look like the ‘Crazy Lady’ who needs to get a life.

    Who’s responsibility is this? How do I address it in my local area?

  22. Gabriel says:

    Every motorway side I see is covered in rubbish for mile after mile it is disgraceful we clean up and recycle litter in our towns and cities so we should do the same for our motorways, so do something about it for gods sake

    • Michael says:

      Driving from London on the M1, exiting into the M25 and driving to M3: The filth and rubbish on the side of these motorways is shameful. This is not a sign of civilized society.
      Beyond belief that the Government abdicating its responsibilities and not getting on top of this issue. Another sign how Governments are poor allocator of capital and are just wasteful.

    • Bazza03 says:

      The amount of litter on the A3 in Surrey has to be seen to be believed, it is truly disgusting!!
      However, what puzzles me is the lack of any outcry in the media or the public in general.
      If you mention the subject most people just shrug their shoulders.
      Most people just don’t give a damn. If I get annoyed and take pictures of it and show my friends and WApp groups, I I’m the one that gets the strange looks.

      • Tracey McGrath says:

        I totally agree. I’ve had to do a few Hindhead tunnel to Guildford trips recently. I’m horrified. Whilst I agree it needs to be addressed by Highways and Guildford Council…. we have to take some responsibility. I’ve noticed that much of it seems to be builders materials… large pieces of tarpaulin, paint cans, buckets, tiles, bits of plastic etc. It needs to be flagged and something done to stop vans etc dropping stuff or allowing it to fly off the back of their vehicles.
        I’ve never seen any other country have such bad litter. What’s wrong with us all? Is there no pride in our own environment? It’s very sad..
        However it does need clearing now. It could be argued that some of it is a danger to road users as some of it blows onto the highway. Please get this problem addressed

      • ZAD says:

        I have been discussing this with the council who said it is the highway agency’s problem and need to close A3, can we all make formal complaint to National Highways please:
        Email: info@highwaysengland.co.uk

        Telephone: 0300 123 5000

        • Larry says:

          Then you contact the highways agency they will tell you it’s the councils Job!!!!!! the Uk is a dirty litter strewn joke .

  23. Gabriel says:

    Every motorway side is covered in litter for miles it is disgraceful you say we are recycling well that’s not true if we just leave tons of litter on the sides of motorways do something about it for gods sake

  24. Marina Kozak says:

    Driving from Northumberland to London St beginning of January. Main roads and highways strewn with litter. M18 especially bad. Who is responsible for clearing this?

  25. louise spavin says:

    The A15 layby litter is absolutely disgusting–all the bins full and overflowing. I travelled from Brigg on Thursday and all the way along was rubbish in and on the road from the Red bins!!! Please make this a safer road to travel and do not encourage vermin. Thanks.

  26. David Kettle says:

    I think that people caught dropping litter from cars on dashcams should be fined. There should be an advertising campaign explaining the consequences with some of the fine potentially even going to those who provide the evidence to motivate action.

    CCTV has been used to fine drivers £150, but there is a lack of them so most litter crime goes unpunished. But given the increasing number of dashcams the chance of being caught is much greater and that would hopefully prevent some of it.

  27. Pam Baigent says:

    We’ve just returned from France. It was a pleasure to drive through their beautiful, clean, litter free town and roads. Lovely flowers everywhere.
    Our roads and sign post are absolutely filthy. The roads are strewn with litter. What is happening?!?

    • Larry says:

      Highways England a quango not fit for purpose, unfortunately we do not have government that cares about this massive litter throwing problem unlike other European countries who do care about their motorways, green verges and roads

  28. Margaret says:

    I have just moved to Bedfordshire from Cornwall
    The roadside litter here is so bad I try and choose roads that are not littered to drive because it upsets me so much
    The A421 from the A1 to to M1 is disgusting
    The ring roads around Kempston snd Bromham snd New Denham equally so.
    I don’t complain without doing something every week I go litter picking but I can’t along the roadsides as it’s not safe without cones put down
    I’ve written to the council they blame highways and highways blame the council!!!!
    I was told to raise the issue with the environment agency which I will.
    Our country is a disgrace in Florida road signs clearly show it’s a $500 fine to drop litter
    What’s up with us!
    Why are we so slack about it
    Also where will be in 5 years?
    Some tv advertising might make it shamed on that could help.

  29. Bob says:

    why are we blaming the government? why are you not shaming the public into changing their behaviour the amount of road workers who put their lives in danger every day to try and tidy up the crap that’s discarded by road users.

    Its disgusting that the public feel its OK to destroy their environment and feel its ok to endanger the lives of clean up crews I can Imagine it cost quite a lot of money to continually tidy up after careless and lazy drivers imagine what improvements could be made to the roads if so much money didn’t need to be set aside for trying to tidy them

    I’m sure if drivers who get caught littering were made to tidy up the mess it might change a few minds

  30. Joann Rogers says:

    I am appalled at the amount of rotting Road kill on the A34. Its a horrible sight I’ve lost count how many deer and badgers I saw today. Its grotesque not nice for children to see. Why can’t there be signs to alert people or a bit more thought taken to protect animals.

  31. Lee says:

    At least it’s not just this country that has shocking levels of litter along our major busy motorways.


  32. J Rainsford says:

    i want to complain about the stacked up road work barriers that are on the car park at Monk Street and round into Talbot Street . they have been there for weeks now and nothing seems to be happening to warrent them being there .they look an eyesore for the people in Talbot street and kids are climbing up on them very high pallet s and they are dangerous if one of them fell off .jumping from one to other , so when are they are going to be moved .?

  33. Arthur says:

    Cool, summer is coming so the vegetation will hide the trashes and anyway it’ll end up being buried under dirt within a decade. Problem solved!

    • Pete Ridley says:

      Hi Arthur,

      That is the stance that Hertfordshire County Council’s complaints officer adopted. She seemed to think that a satisfactory solution would occur naturally when the weeds grew back and hid the detritus about which I was complaining.

      I can’t really believe that she keeps her home tidy by just sweeping the mess under a carpet – but it’s good enough for our street verges!!

    • Larry says:

      You dope

  34. Lorraine Thompson says:

    I’m disgusted with not only the amount of litter on our highways but the number of old and rusting highways metalwork and sandbags. Im sure highways CEO earns a good bonus. Shame on the highways agency for robbing the UK citizens.

  35. Kim Pinborough says:

    On a journey back from Cambridge driving along the M11. I counted 10 ++ plastic bottles full with urine left on the verges of the motorway. Lorry drivers or other drivers just leave their bodily waste for other people to see and collect. This is disgusting. Children see this rubbish and comment on why do adults do this?? People need educating and there needs to be regular signs along the motorway saying for people to take their urine and rubbish home with them.

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