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Peter Silverman.


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  1. Pete Ridley says:

    I’m currently pursuing a complaint about the detritus on the verge of a strip of adopted highway alongside my and a neighbour’s property in a residential estate in Potters Bar. Due to the substandard maintenance of vegetation on the strip by its owner (Hertfordshire County Council) over many years the strip now resembles a rubbish tip. This encourages litter louts to dispose of their empty drinks containers (all sorts) and other garbage.

    The local councils (Hertfordshire CC and Hertsmere BC) cannot agree about who has responsibility (under the Environmental Protection Act 1990) for cleaning it of litter and refuse (detritus) and Hertfordshire CC has declared that it will not be doing any more work on it!!

    For some reason the responsible authority (one of the two councils) is properly maintaining numerous similar strips on this estate but deliberately discriminating against this one.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I have been complaining to the councils about the issue for many years. This began because the responsible authority had allowed a laurel bush to run wild, resulting in damage to my garden fence. At the time they agreed to replace two of my fence panels and cut the shrub down to 5ft but have since continued to neglect the strip. That forced me to complain again more recently because of the consequent overgrowth to the laurel and a sycamore.

    They have both now been trimmed and some of the overgrown vegetation cut back but only half of the detritus that has built up along the strip over the years strewn has been left untouched. The strip remains an eyesore along the only street giving access to the estate.

  2. Jane Cornish says:

    In our city (Plymouth) and outlying rural districts Clean Our Patch have taken on the task of getting volunteers onboard in the clearing of our roads and banks of litter. (Doesn’t seem anyone else is going to do it). A 2.7 mile stretch of country road netted myself and a couple of helpers 13 large bags of rubbish. A common one is the yellow plastic wheel nut covers of HGV vehicles which easily come off when scraping past our hedgerows. Are these so necessary as to warrant littering our countryside with them. Without mentioning the amount of plastic bottles etc. Some things need banning and others with a return tax on them. Visitors to our country will be shocked at our disgusting litter problem. WELCOME TO 🇬🇧

  3. Helen Shepherd says:

    For years I have been disgusted by the amount of litter on the sides of motorways and trunk roads, naively I thought that when the highways agency saw what was happening they would do something about it!!
    The problem has got much worse and I regularly cry when passing some of this appalling mess.
    I disagree with those who say that fines are not the answer, put money into the equation and it does make difference. Look at the reduction in carrier bag purchases when a very small tariff was attached to that.
    The Highways Agency should set up an easy access on line reporting system where people with dash cam or an iphone video proving a vehicle has littered can post it to them and the owners can be fined immediately, it will work if the fines are large enough. Perhaps penalty points could be attached too, we need to take drastic action to overcome this abysmal situation.

  4. Arthur says:

    I regularly drive from Cambridge to Ipswich on the A14 and as a French I can hardly understand how a country where people are well known for being respectful in society can tolerate such antisocial behaviour as littering. Like many have said in the comments, surely the worst case of littering in Western Europe.
    The worst is that after seeing this for so many years the new generation will end up thinking that this is just normal.

  5. Larry says:

    Highways England should be renamed highways cesspit Uk with the motto “we keep Britain’s highways to a filthy standard as always “

  6. Debra Tudor says:

    The state of our main motorways and roads across the country are a national disgrace strewn with litter which has accumulated on the side of the roads. In particular M27 from Bournemouth to Portsmouth is atrocious, but others including A13 are disgusting. For an organisation called Clean Highways there seems to be a complete lack of pride in the way our main roads are maintained. How on earth can we expect people to be responsible for their own litter all the time our roadside verges look so appalling. Something needs to be done to fix this. Please let me know your plan to tackle this issue

    • Larry says:

      It’s not for clean highways to have a plan it’s for the dirty British litter throwing public to do something and for cooked highways England to do there job plus councils namely Barnet and south bucks,two if the dirtiest roads and green verges councils in the country I fear for the Uk it’s a cesspit.

  7. L. Puddick says:

    Had a lovely week away for the first time in ages, driven from Norfolk to Shropshire came back today sun was shining the trees with new fresh leaves and blossom was lovely!! But what a disgrace the sides of the roads, rubbish everywhere, lots of plastics snagged in vegetation, every manner of items possible, bottles filled with coloured liquid! Bins in laybys over flowing. A14 – M6 what a disgrace. Did see some litter picking today but more effort needs to take place. These never anybody about to catch anyone throwing their rubbish out of their vehicles. On a positive note nice to see lots of tree planting taken place. Please, please do something about the state of our roads.

  8. Nat says:

    I haven’t been out for months but went on A3 southbound and was severely shocked by litter at sides of motorway in fact everywhere this was from Guildford to Portsmouth it is heartbreaking the devastation to our beautifull nature especially as there has been so much out there with regards to plastic and litter and destruction to our beautifull planet it’ needs to be addressed I pulled off slip road to come home and in middle of road was a plastic Sainsbury’s carrier bag filled with rubbish I wanted to pick all this rubbish up but I had no gloves and I have never in my life seen so much litter in nature and on the streets I think petrol stations should stop selling snacks and food and people can fill up their own water bottles there to have a drink I cannot believe the mess and feel radical steps need to be taken to address this

  9. Sharon Williams says:

    A huge stretch of the A27 – Brighton to Worthing – has more litter than I’ve ever seen. It needs to be collected.

  10. Anne says:

    I travelled south on the M5 a few days ago, and for several miles before reaching Gloucester Services, I was distracted by the vast amount of litter on the nearside verge.

    It looked as if strimming of grass and bushes had been carried out, so all litter had been strimmed into thousands of small pieces and been spread out like a huge white carpet.
    On the return journey north on the M5, made later the same day, the same part of the motorway just after Gloucester services was equally plastered in small pieces of litter.

    Littering laws and litter clearance has become a ridiculous state of affairs in this country. Why on earth doesn’t someone sue the relevant authorities (namely Highways England and the County/DIstrict Councils) and force them to act NOW?

  11. Paul Reynolds says:

    Firstly, like others have said not enough bins in lay-by’s. Then the collection schedule needs to be twice a week not every 6 months.
    Secondly, I agree use prisoners to clean it up. Let them pay back to society. Anyone caught dropping litter not only gets a hefty fine but 100 hours community service, picking up litter.
    It’s time to get tough.

  12. Jacqueline Dennis says:

    Golden Jubilee Way, Eastbourne should be renamed Eyesore Alley. The amount of rubbish on both sides is an absolute disgrace. Turn left at Golden Jubilee roundabout and drive along the A27 and be greeted by the same disgusting mess. I’ve been to third-world countries with no infrastructure for dealing with waste that looked cleaner than this. What has happened to this country?

  13. Faye Allard says:

    A14 from Leicestershire to Cambridge, quite disgraceful. When was ths last time anybody collected anything from the verges and bins

  14. Margaret Barker says:

    Have just driven along the A2 from Aylesham to Canterbury, verges are a disgrace, but having read the emails from so many people, it seems ,either that no one is reading them or that the relevant agency ,couldn’t care less.. there is no sense of pride anymore from ignoring Covid rules to littering parks beaches and roadsides,it is a disgraceful attitude to have. unless a sense of pride can be instilled from a yound age,I really cannot see things changing VERY SAD

  15. Graham Brunton says:

    Every time I travel on A23/27 in the Brighton area I am ashamed of the huge masses of litter everywhere. Have just returned from India and the litter here is just as appalling.There is no excuse to say “the safety of our operatives is a concern” as there are modern ways to deal with this issue. As an ex builder who was fastidious about waste etc ,its obvious from a drive past that most litter comes from open backed trucks and lorries. i.e., blue plastic sheets, yellow buckets,cement bags etc, plastic wrap from timber deliveries.

  16. Chris Grunsell says:

    Highlighting just one road would grossly understate the nationwide problem of litter. Fines and penalties are not the place to start, as they would only scratch the surface of the problem.
    We need to bring back a sense of national pride in our “caring society” .. big stuff but possible, if parliament was to make St George’s day 23rd April each year a clean up day, involving all of us doing our bit of litter picking we could reach the consciousness of each citizen and organisation, including School children, students, businesses and employees and retired folk.

    Where there’s a will there is a way!!

  17. Matthew Williamson says:

    I live in one of the prettiest towns called Stamford in Lincolnshire
    We have a great team of volunteers that keep our town and surrounding area really clean. So why when I drive up the A1 it is an absolutely disgrace at the amount of litter that is on the verges and in lay-bys where bins are overflowing.
    Who’s responsibility is it ? why is there no teams out cleaning up. Surely to god with all the people doing community service, this could be a great opportunity to get these people out there to clean up.
    I feel it’s a problem all over the country not just around here.

  18. Mike says:

    I would like to put forward the UK’s most littered stretch of road.
    The A120 from Hare green all the way through to the A12 at stanway in Essex.
    This road merges from A120 into the A12 and measures aprox 18 miles.
    I dare anyone to find a more littered road.
    It has litter on another scale you would not believe.
    This is a major problem and its happening at an alarming rate.
    In the last year its been getting worse and worse and the last 3 months its accelerated.
    Its far more litter that can be caused just by the casual low life throwing out their trash as they drive along.
    I believe the culprits to be refuge lorries carrying waste without the covers over the trailers.
    I have personally witnessed these lorries with their large trailers spilling out litter as they drive along.
    Unfortunately the times I witnessed them I was on my motorbike so was unable to take down the details.
    Not that anything would be do if I were to report them.
    I feel sad for our children
    They are now being raised to think this amount of litter is the norm!

  19. Steve Turton says:

    Two years ago we went to Vietnam on holiday and my wife and I were appalled at the amount of rubbish in the waterways and strewn along the roadside verges.

    Fast forward to last week when I had to travel along the A47 between Norwich and Kings Lynn and quite frankly it was not as bad as Vietnam, it was far worse.

    The media is constantly promoting the notion that we are this great, caring nation. Releasing beavers back into the wild, planting more and more trees, creating areas of special scientific interest, recycling, up-cycling etc etc. Everyone is on it, so it seems.

    Whereas the harsh reality is that this lovely country of ours is rapidly becoming one big rubbish tip! For everyone one do-gooder there appears to be ten pea brained imbeciles who really don’t give a damn. We see it happening everyday, all around us but we are all powerless to stop it. Littering is what they do and will continue to do, who cares?

    There is a very deep rooted problem here, it hasn’t happened overnight. Where has the pride gone?

    What on earth will it look like in five years time?

  20. Nilu says:

    I have recently (during the last lockdown) noticed litter on A31 and A38 motorways, going through the New Forest National park. I cannot understand how a pandemic can affect cleaning highways?

  21. Svetlana Lord says:

    M66 and its slip roads is becoming a tip.
    Its heart braking to see so much rubbish . As someone else has suggested here – fines for littering should cover more than enough cost for camera installation… just saying…

  22. Carole Shepherd says:

    I live just off the A31 at West Moors, and i often go on the Wimborne By-pass, the rubbish is appalling, its disgusting and i cannot understand why it is not picked up by the relevant council. Go across the infamous Canford Magna traffic lights and towards Poole turnoff, there it is again rubbish after rubbish. The highways surely can make the verges clean. Anyone who comes to Dorset via M27 and A31 are in for a shock, the county is filthy. I cannot see why large signs can’t be erected saying something like Take litter home otherwise you will be fined £1,000. They have this on the Motorway in Cyprus at frequent places and guess what? – no litter.

  23. Sally Clear says:

    We have driven along the A3 this morning towards London. We were on the road for 50 minutes. I was appalled, disgusted and embarrassed by the amount of rubbish and large litter on the verges. Why has this not been cleared during lockdown when there was much less traffic ?

  24. Irina says:

    England became very dirty. Motorway A12 when you ride is full of different tile of litter, and across of London and other place. We are paying huge taxes and for what? Let’s compare Switzerland the cleanest country, and let’s see what happening in UK. Streets, are full of rubbish. Urgently need to take some measures.

    • Maf says:

      We are paying huge taxes each year, Yet the Highways in England are terrible. The A12 is the most disgusting Dual Carriage way I’ve ever seen there are litters and rubbish along the slips roads and hard shoulder, it’s so dirty it’s unbelievable. A40 IS ALSO VERY DIRTY LEADING UP TO M40 i can’t believe M40 JOINS TO MAJOR CITY BHAM & LONDON YET THERE ARE SO MUCH LITTERS ALONG THE EDGES OF THE MOTORWAY AND IN THE MIDDLE. WHY CAN’T OUR MOTORWAY BE LIKE USA FREEWAY OR LIKE OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WE PAY A LOT OF TAX. GET IT DONE! #KEEPUKHIGHWAYCLEAN

  25. Carl Brumpton says:

    I have just witnessed someone in a range rover sport, throw a can out of the car window while waiting at the traffic lights coming off the M25 onto A3 going south. I do not understand this moronic behaviour. I cannot believe how so many people seem not to care about their country and how it looks. What is most annoying is that it is so simple to keep the rubbish in the vehicle until back home or some other destination where it can be put in a bin !!!

  26. Claire Snowdon says:

    The rubbish all along the sides of the A34 is disgusting.
    There would have been an opportunity to clean this up earlier in lockdown when there was less traffic.
    I cannot believe that people are throwing the rubbish in the first place but the fact that it is just being left is unbelievable – I am annoyed and embarrassed every time I drive along it.
    The hedgerows and trees have recently been trimmed so why could the litter have been collected at the same time.
    Would be happy to help but also wonder why I’m paying such high Council Tax.
    When is it going to be cleaned.
    Shameful for the image of Oxfordshire…

  27. Ingo Henn says:

    Every time I need to travel on a major road or motorway in the UK I get depressed.
    Today I want to single out the huge amount of roadside litter along the A1M in the Stevenage area (north and southbound).
    I have been a litter picker volunteer in Welwyn Garden City for years but sadly we are not allowed to clean along motorways.

  28. alan says:

    Hope things are going ok Peter…!
    Just another note of my concern about the proliferation of drive thru’s being thrown up at service stations around the country. I believe they will significantly contribute to motorway litter and would rather see them banned on environmental grounds, or surcharged to help pay for the cost of regular motorway cleaning (!!!!).
    Of course this applies to other roads and locations, it feels like we are allowing the potential problems and real problems to just get worse by being blinkered to the consequences of ignorant people and greedy companies.

  29. Derek Gilman says:

    Sorry to hear about Peter’s accident and wish him a speedy recovery. He is an inspiration to us all and the least we can do is to keep badgering Highways England and local authorities with our complaints, even if sometimes it feels like banging our heads against a brick wall!

  30. Richard H. says:

    Driving up and down the A1 is one of the most depressing experiences I am regularly put through. The entire route is strewn with rubbish. I feel disgusted, ashamed and utterly revolted by what I see, and by how this how been allowed to happen. It is, sadly a symptom of the values that now apply in the UK. We care little now about what was once a beautiful country. It’s increasingly a rubbish tip, and the government couldn’t care less, because clearing it up, or holding those responsible doesn’t win votes. It never used to be like this.

  31. Sarah Goodacre says:

    I have just started travelling again along the A14 again between Felixstowe and Bury St Edmunds and as others are saying the level of rubbish on the verges, in the hedges and central reservation is scandalous, depressing, sad and dangerous too. It’s going to take a huge amount of people and effort to clear this up… and money too. Just watching Countryfile apparently it’s a problem everywhere, in woods, heathlands and is affecting thousands of small animals everyday too. Perhaps we need David Attenborough to start another campaign!.

  32. Theresa says:

    A14 between Kettering and Bythorn is disgraceful. Of course most of it plastic.
    A45 from Wellingborough to Northampton is also disgraceful…yes more plastic.
    This has been dropped in rubbish for years now. When will it look tidy again.?

  33. Roberta Bailey says:

    Having hardly been out of Brighton for a year, a short journey I had to make on the A27 today filled me with horror. Roadside rubbish has never been so bad. What an earth is going on? People would probably volunteer to help clear it if Highways England would arrange some sessions for them to do so safely in their local area.

  34. Andrew says:

    I regularly drive to work between Bristol and Cheltenham on the M5 and A40 and I’m appalled at the amount of disgraceful plastic and other unsightly litter caught in the bramble and waving in trees of what should be green and pleasant embankments. It saddens me every time I see it that our environment is being destroyed by ignorant and inconsiderate morons. Whatever happened to ‘Keep Britain Tidy’!

  35. Jake says:

    M62 Corridor between Warrington and Liverpool absolute disgrace litter all over the side of the motorway both sides. Disgusting! A lot of it can be seen being blown into farmer’s land!

  36. Amanda batten says:

    Disgusting germ infested Rubbish strewn all along the a299 Thanet around Manston and surrounding area. Could not believe the disgusting mess the lorry drivers have left. It goes for miles and is strewn all up the trees and hedges, affecting our wildlife and environment. Our country is pretty filthy.

  37. Andrew Marshall says:

    I recently travelled from Epping to Mildenhall vis the M11, A11/ A14 link , A14 then A11. I could not believe the amount of litter on the verges and in the central reservation. They were literally covered in plastic bottles, cans, fast food containers, plastic bags and other miscellaneous mainly plastic detritus. Who is responsible for clearing this?
    I thought an act was going through Parliament to put a deposit on many types of containers. However, we clearly also need an advertising campaign to promote a cultural change as many drivers seem to think throwing litter out if their lorries, cars and vans is ok.

  38. David burden says:

    Whilst driving on the 31 in Wimborne there is so much rubbish on the verge who is responsible for this disgusting mess it’s real horrible why is this not picked up!!!!

  39. Margaret says:

    The M56 Manchester to M53 Liverpool and the slip roads A41 South are absolutely littered with rubbish it’s a disgrace !
    Please don’t put the neglect down to COVID

  40. Helen Rowbrey says:

    My husband and I have driven from Portsmouth to Bournemouth and back today using the M27 and A338. I would add not for a jolly but to undertake some matters with an elderly relative. The debris on both sides of the road was disgusting!! Please appropriate Council get someone on to this.

  41. Dave Wright says:

    with everyone aware of the cost of clean up year on year why have we not fitted cameras and fined every litter lout £100 first offence £500 second offence confiscate their vehicle third offence and sell it to cover the cost of clean up and camera install.They are fitted everywhere else for crime detection

  42. Debbie says:

    I’m pleased to note that other people have spotted this huge problem on the road embankments. I drove last weekend up the M5 for an essential visit and was appalled at the amount of litter exposed post verge cutting. As a passenger I couldn’t take my eyes off it all ! Where does it all come from ! What can we do about it ? Who do we complain to and who takes responsibility for it ?

    • Lise Robert says:

      Thank God others are noticing this!!! It’s bloody heartbreaking. We’re supposed to be a first worldcountry, yet our beautiful landscape is strewn with plastic and junk. I’ve noticed it’s particularly worse wherever roadworks are being carried out!? Also, has anyone noticed so many dead Grouse along a long stretch of the M4? I counted well over 30 dead birds over the weekend.

  43. Roger says:

    Apologies if this has been talked about many times. This is my first time on here. I’m sure we share the same disgust at the deteriorating rubbish and littering in our beautiful country. Can anyone tell me whether they have approached MP’s or Ministers with regards to this problem, and if so what responses have been received?

    • Martyn says:

      Hi Roger. I live in Hove and the litter along the A23 and A27 is disgusting. I have emailed three Government Ministers, including Grant Schapps recently but have never got a response. I have also filled out the reporting forms on Highways England site but, again, this has not prompted any response or action. Just trying to work out where to go next but it is so depressing driving past a rubbish tip for mile after mile.

    • Rick says:

      I live in Northern Ireland and it is the same thing here too. The council use the verge sweeper in towns but not between them. I travel quite often to North America from Dublin airport in the Republic of Ireland and this really demonstrates how bad this issue has become, everywhere in the USA and Canada is kept like a golf course and when you return home it’s like a third world nation.
      I have contacted my local MP and the roads service head office in Belfast but just received an unintelligible reply, written in a way which is supposed to shift the blame.
      So clearly guys this is coming from Whitehall if all areas of our nation are expecting the same thing.

  44. Claire Field says:

    Just driven from Sutton Scotney to London on A303 and M3. There is so much litter on the roadside, plastic bags hanging from trees. It is so depressing. A clear up needed and education and fines if people throw litter out of cars.

  45. Jason groves says:

    I drove down the A12 yesterday from Ipswich and it was a disgrace
    But not only that , wind was blowing rubbish onto the road and
    Cars and vans were switching lanes and trying to dodge it .
    It’s only a Matter of time before there’s a big accident. This needs
    To be addressed immediately.

  46. Shumaila says:

    Hi, why there is so much rubbish on motorways near Bury,worsley, white field, Rochdale??? Actually it’s everywhere in north west. So disappointed and can councils take action and clean them. It’s looking like a 3rd world country. Please for God sake clean it and keep our motorways clean. Please!!!!!!!

  47. Pauline Edwards says:

    Its vodka bottles , beer cans and coffee cups thrown down the country lanes around Lancashire that annoys me . Plastic pop bottles and fast food package. I also notice more on the motorways and particularly around junctions on the M 6…. I walk over the m6 on a lane and look down and the rubbish is terrible all in the central area and around the edges….its a disgrace..

  48. Rob Karczewski says:

    I am saddened and shocked and annoyed by the Rubbish/Litter on the verges on the M42 Motorway. We pay car tax, fuel tax, car purchase tax. Why can’t we find the money to support safe roads. Anyone caught littering should be fined and why aren’t the cameras picking these morons up.

  49. Matt says:

    Can we sue Highway’s England? Or whomever is supposed to be looking after the verges. It’s soo depressing. We must be able to sue under the MH Act or the ‘Not Doing your job act’ or something. Please. Any lawyers out there?

  50. Sue Sills says:

    Travelling on our roads has become an Industry; we live in a Delivery world now with imports, tourism, and online purchasing. Facilities offered on our major roads are very poor and are failing to keep pace with the needs of drivers.

    Our Government needs to admit to the changed scenario of travel and provide adequate and effective rest stops, rubbish and toilet facilities, overnight venues and lorry parks. Motorway routes through France are exemplary.

    Those who junk our verges and lay-bys need severe penalties to stop them doing it. Immediate loss of driving licence could be one.

    What we have at the moment on our roads is environmentally destructive.

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