HE fail to clean J25 of M5 during road works

On January 26, 2021, in Highways England, by PeterSilverman

Photos taken by Kevin Doherty January 2021 Link to his Facebook post

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We would like to know – DEFRA seem to have sat on this information for over a year!

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The BBC need your videos

On January 25, 2021, in Clean Up Britain, by PeterSilverman

Support this initiative from Clean Up Britain

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Splitting responsibilities does not work. TfL should clean their strategic roads not the Boroughs.

The same considerations apply to many Highways England trunk roads


Highways England’s e-mail to Philip Swift of 11th January 2021 is a beautiful example of the Government’s policy of dumbing down HE’s statutory duty on litter. No mention is made of the EPA statutory duty.

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Three and a half years after the Litter Strategy promise to:

  1. Publish cleanliness reviews of HE trunk roads (APTRs) by local authority.
  2. Set a deadline for underperforming authorities to improve their performance and
  3. Reallocate responsibility for cleaning away from failing local authorities to Highways England.

and, almost 3 years after the survey was carried out, the results have not been published, no deadlines have been set nor any responsibilities reallocated

Instead we are told “The results have been shared with relevant local authorities and will be used in policy development”.

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