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Survey of Highways Agency Area 10

On March 11, 2014, in Area 10, by PeterSilverman

Photo survey of the motorways in Highways Agency Area 10 – 8th/9th March 2014

M6 J16 S/B off 1

M6 J16 S/B off 1

I drove up to the start of Highways Agency Area 10 arriving late in the afternoon on 8th March. This gave me time to survey from J16, where the Area commences to J 21. I was not able to survey J20 as it is a motorway to motorway junction and access on foot is not possible. In all 5 cases the verges on the  slip roads and adjacent carraigeways were all defaced by litter.

In the morning I drove to Denton in Manchester to survey the short section of the M67 which runs through the constituency of Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish. The motorways in his constituencty  had been the subject of complaints by Andrew and had been visited by roads minister Robert Goodwill MP. The whole section was in an appalling state.

On my drive back I stopped off at M60 J1 and carried out a photo survey from the two accessible bridges. All  sections of adjacent carriageway verges were defaced by litter.

The photographs can be seen by actioning these links:

(1) M6 J16 – J21

(2) M67 Denton

(3) M60 J1

Peter Silverman
11th March 2014


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