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Complaints from Councils – snippets

On September 25, 2018, in APTRs - All Purpose Trunk Roads, by PeterSilverman

Highways England roads

Warwickshire Waste Partnership in reference to the Highways Agency:  “…they do not communicate with us. They produce a wonderful glossy strategy document that says how they will work with local authorities, but we get very little engagement” – 2014

Warwickshire Waste Partnership: “Working with the Highways Agency was a nightmare” – 2015

Tendring District Council in reference Highways England and to the A120 into Harwich: ” I have emailed and left voice messages with the highways contractor … I have not received any communication back” – 2017

Northampton Chronicle in reference to the A45 quoting Paul Frith: “The crazy thing is they are cutting back the trees in the area, why can’t someone pick up the rubbish as they go?” – 2016

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils in reference to Highways England and the A34: “.. “it is not possible to obtain lane or road closures during the day and even where night closures are agreed, they can be cancelled at very late notice for a variety of operational reasons“.

TfL roads

LB Wandsworth in reference to TfL : “..there was “always a bit of conflict about who is responsible” – 2015

LB Greenwich: “... arranging closures with TfL can take approximately 18 months”- 2018

Peter Silverman
25th September 2018


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