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A40 Swakeleys junction 2007

On October 19, 2012, in A40, by PeterSilverman

Slip road cleaned only after Litter Abatement Warning Notice sent to LB Hillingdon

In February 2007 I drew the attention of the London Borough of Hillingdon to the presence of  fly tipped rubbish on the southbound exit slip road of  the A40 at the Swakeleys roundabout.  50 days and 13 e-mails later they accepted that it was their and not, as they had claimed, TfL’s responsibility to remove it. They did so in April.

In March I complained  about further accumulations of litter on the same slip road verge.  The council said they would add it to their A40 cleaning programme.  Later they said it had been missed from the previous round of cleaning.

By September there was no indication that any subsequent cleaning had taken place. I therefore sent a Warning Notice under S91 of the EPA to LB Hillingdon saying that if they did not clean it within 5 days I would make a complaint to the Magistrates Court for a Litter Abatement Order.

They cleaned it up just before the deadline expired.

Since then a  higher, albeit not a brilliant, standard has been maintained.





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