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Council responds positively to Stuart’s warning notice but say they are only able to remove litter from central reservation when lane closures are put in place by the Highways Agency.

Please refer to Stuart Clay issues litter warning notice to East Cambridgeshire District Council

Stuart has received the following reply:

From: Dave White
Date:14/02/2014 14:46 (GMT+00:00)
To: “‘'”
Subject: RE: EPA Section 91 Notice

Dear Mr Clay

I can confirm that the Council has received your Notice regarding litter levels on the A11 & A14, & that the Chief Executive, John Hill has been made aware.

I apologise that action has not previously been taken to resolve the issue, but can confirm that our Contractor Veolia has now commenced litter clearance. So far, part of the upper section of the A14 near Red Lodge has been cleared, with crews working over the weekend to make further progress. It is anticipated that the entire area of the A14 & A11 under this Councils control will have been cleared of litter by the middle of next week, although this is partly dependant on weather conditions. I regret that for safety reasons we are only able to remove litter from central reservation when lane closures are put in place by the Highways Agency for maintenance work, but anticipate a significant improvement in the carriageway verges by this time.

Veolia had been previously requested to carry out litter removal following complaints from yourself & others together with observations of our own staff, but had failed to respond within acceptable timescales. I am currently awaiting details of new cleansing schedules from Veolia to address this & other concerns, and I hope that a significant ongoing difference will be seen once they are in place.

I can also confirm receipt of your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. Although this Council does not hold records in regard to the questions asked, Veolia have been asked to make available their records & the information provided will be forwarded to you on receipt.

Best wishes

Dave White

Waste Strategy Team Leader
East Cambridgeshire District Council




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