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Ravensbury Ward and environs London Borough of Merton – Keep up the good work –  Myself and like-minded residents have decided to get together to tackle poor street sweeping etc. We have set up a group called ‘dishing-the-dirt-on-merton’.  We can be found via the website

Lesley Sorrell

Litter a national disgrace.

Having spent a considerable amount of time working in Australia ,and visiting a lot of countries overseas, it appears that Britain is in a crisis. The amount of Litter everywhere in Britain is appalling, and seems to be getting worse. Anyone visiting Britain for the first time must just shake their heads and wonder how it can get in such a state. Just recently, I saw an article about the amount of rubbish and filth left on Brighton Beach in just one weekend. The British people should be ashamed of themselves. God knows what visiting Germans must think, their Country in comparison is spotless!!!!!  100th message of support

 Russell Henson

What can we do? Thank you Peter for all your hard work. I have to drive around the country for my job and I am sickened, saddened and disgusted by the amount of litter at the side of A roads and motorways. I’ve seen rubbish fly off the back of a van on the M23 northbound, I’ve seen a young man throw a can into the grass on the M23 southbound and crisp packet fly out of a window on the M1.

What can we do to a) stop litter accumulating and b) make the relevant organisations to do more about it? What about the areas of road I call ‘no man’s land’? There is a stretch of road off Junction 9 of the M23 northbound and London Road North, which does not have a name, but the amount of litter is horrendous. Who is responsible for that? And there so many areas like that, but to get a local authority or the Highways Agency to do something takes hours, as I found out last year about the M23 near Gatwick Airport. I wish people and drivers were more respectful of the environment, then we would not have this problem on this scale. What can we do????

 Anita Rosser

Litter on Kent roads.  I have been desperately upset by the sheer volume of litter along the access roads to Dover, generally, and the verges of the A2 in particular. It is a windy region of Kent, which leads to litter being distributed across fields, in trees and hedgerows. Litter is unacceptable, hideous and a hazard. Thank you for your campaign, which I support wholeheartedly.

 Mrs Vanessa Dent

Roadside Litter.  Thank you for your excellent work. Just returned from a long journey around the country and the state of Britain’s roads is appalling. There are hardly any roads not affected – from motorways to country roads. It’s extremely disheartening. Keep up the good work.

 John Montgomery

 Sir,  May I thank you for taking on this task – I have written numerous times to the Highways Agencies (HA) about the amount of litter on our motorways (indeed found your site today as I was in the process of writing a note to the dreadful state of Junction 11 and 10 on the M27). One thing that I found out recently when trying to find out who was responsible for maintaining the A34 (major dual carriageway) was that the HQ expects local authorities to look after these roads – and the local authorities seemed to have no idea that this was the case – until I informed them. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Richard Jones

A27 and M23  Hi, great work! There are two key roads that drive me crazy as they are so filthy they make the July 2011 M40 images look relatively clean! This is the A27 and the M23. They are truly in shocking condition but i dont know where to start in terms of going about doing something. Any thoughts, ideas, etc you might have would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Nigel Sherriff

FILTHY VERGES IN CHESHIRE   Coming off the M56 at Hale Cheshire, the verges to the left are absolutely filthy dirty.  I have been tempted on many occasions to get a dustbin bag and clean them myself. Hale and the surrounds are a beautiful area, but the approach via these filthy verges are a disgrace.  Can you help.  Love your website.  The USA highways are so sparkling they put this country to shame.

 Marsha Gee

Litter on M621 Leeds.    What a relief to find so many people who are as disgusted as I am about litter on roadside verges. I think a petition similar to the one objecting to the government’s sale of woodland a few years ago would sharpen the focus of all those responsible for carrying out litter clearing (and those creating the problem) I am presently writing to complain about the M621 and was very interested to read about section 91 of the EPA – it could prove a useful tool. Thank-you and keep up the good work.

Linda McGeachie

 A11/A14  Hello Peter,  Just found your website on the net after I googled car litter. It’s great to discover an individual who is trying to get our roads cleaned up. I live in Thetford Norfolk and regularly use the A11 and A14. I am shocked by the amount of litter and filth at the side of our roads. Mile after mile after mile, it seems to be everywhere and in my opinion it’s a national embarrassment.  The stretch of A14 passing Newmarket and the Girton interchange at Cambridge are particularly bad. I have email complaints to various local authorities but all you get in reply is a map showing their area, no action is ever taken. Please let me know if  I can help you in any way, or if you have any advice for me it would be most welcome.  To see all the litter our once beautiful country is drowning in makes me feel sad and angry in equal measure.  Surely something has to be done to improve this problem.  Thank you

 Stuart Clay

Petition. Pleased that someone is working to challenge this.

 I regularly use the motorways in the midlands and the M1 and litter can be found along the whole length of these roads.  Most of the rubbish is visible in winter when the vegetation has died back, so any future contracts would need to specify extra work during this time.  And now that the rubbish is considerable, it would need to specify a deep clean of small pieces of plastic, so great is the present level of contamination with this material.  Has anyone started a petition do you know?

Nick Furini

National Litter Epidemic. May I bring to your attention the growing epidemic in respect of the litter trail?  Having just travelled the A50, A42, M42 I was yet again appalled by the ‘sea of litter’ blighting our once proud country.  I’ve written on several occasions about this issue which I feel is deteriorating despite great efforts by dedicated people like yourself! 

The problem is one reports a ‘black-spot’ which is then cleared, only to be as bad again within a few days. Current legislation does not appear to be enforced and no amount of paper-work can replace the physical removal at regular intervals of rubbish that is submerging this once beautiful land!  Britain as a result, is looking more and more like a Third World Country which overseas visitors comment upon and rightly so.  What is the answer here-I’m lost for words and rapidly running out of patience!

Alvar Thomas

I am so glad I found your website , you are really a saint.  I live close to the channel tunnel and over the last couple of years there seems to have been a sharp rise in the amounts of litter. My solution would be to tackle the problem at source however I feel rather depressed as it appears that the people who are in charge of this country simply do not care. Top priority would be to immediately ban all shops from providing plastic bags—– they would not even be allowed to charge for them—–this has been done in France. Secondly , all aluminium  cans and plastic drink bottles would have a 20p refundable deposit—–this alone would discourage a large number of people from littering and there would be no shortage of persons willing to pick up those bottles that are still discarded.

 A Chambers

 The A1. I commute daily into London by coach and the A1 is just absolutely disgusting. A large percentage of the litter is in areas where lorries park overnight but it really is just the length and breadth of the entire road. It’s quite baffling to me that none of the local authorities have spearheaded a cleanup of what must be tons of waste. Littering should be made as socially unacceptable as smoking in a public building… if someone sparked up on a railway station now, people would be up in arms. The same should be the case for litter bugs of any magnitude.


Well done in all your efforts in trying to get our roads and motorways cleared of litter.

I travel frequently along the A406 between the M11 and A13 and  along again the A13 at Dagenham to the M25 junction and amount of rubbish that ‘s built up along these roads is unbelievable and unacceptable. I cant believe that there is no one in authority from the local council or highways dept that doesn’t arrange to have this mess cleaned up. Why doesn’t the government increase the fine to £1000 for anyone caught dropping litter as this would make most arrogant people think twice about doing this.

bob burgess

Litter on roadside verges.  So pleased to see this website exists but dismayed that it is needed.  The responsible authorities should be held to account for the state of road verges the amount of litter is absolute disgrace. What impression are we giving to visitors to this country if I was a visitor I would certainly think twice about returning

Peter Todd

MOTORWAY EXITS-SERVICE STATIONS.   May I express considerable concern regarding the proliferation of litter on the verges on exiting service stations on the M1 Motorway.   On leaving the Newport Pagnell Servicesonly yesterday, I was appalled at the mess which resembles that seen in Third World countries. I have no reason to doubt that these comments equally apply to all motorway services!


Brilliant website. Thanks for creating this site. After being frustrated by a disgusting slip-road verge near me I contacted the Highways Agency and it was picked within a week!

Neil Musgrove

The filthy roadsides of England.  Well done!  Pleased to find your website – keep at it – we are behind you!  

Having lived in France for 11 years and travelled many miles over there, not once did I ever see anything like the littered roadsides that I have just encountered on the M11 going up to Norfolk.  I am absolutely appalled at the amount of litter there is over here.  It’s everywhere,  but the roadsides leave you speechless.  This country is looking filthy – what on earth has happened to it? What CAN we do to even start to rectify this situation? 

Carol Chapman

I regularly drive from Cheshire through Staffordshire and Shropshire to the West Midlands. I take a variety of routes – motorways, A roads and rural lanes – but it is becoming rarer and rarer to find a single stretch of road that is litter-free. Littered verges and hedgerows are becoming the default setting in both urban and rural areas which in turn is attacting even more rubbish and de-sensitising everyone to what a complete tip our highways have become. Keep up the good work – it is extremely commendable what you are striving for and I am sure you have the backing of millions of people who are totally fed-up with the thoughtless actions of the minority. 

Joe Roe


Litter on A35 – I am glad you are there! –  I was recently a car passenger on a journey from Hampshire through Dorset to Devon, some of our most beautiful rural counties, and was outraged at the amount of litter on the verges of the A35. Large amounts in hedgerows too. Emerging snowdrops covered by swathes of discarded plastic packaging. It seems to demonstrate an increasing disrespect for the countryside and the wider environment, which is being trashed in the name of  ‘growth’.    Keep up the good work.

Rosie Groves

Filthy motorway verges.  Please keep up the struggle! Peter, I was driven down to Stevenage from Church Stretton last week and was disgusted by the ribbons of filfth that littered the verges & central reservations along almost the entire journey.

John Woolmer

Disgusting state of M5 in Gloucestershire. Litter on M5 is getting worse it has not been cleaned for years. Who are the best people to contact?

 Jan Wilson

Roadside litter.  Good stuff.  Pete, just driven from Northamptonshire to Bristol, amazed at the sheer volume of litter on the roadside in Northamptonshire and beyond! God alone knows what visitors  from abroad must think, but I’m going to try to get something done about it. Keep up the good work, we need more people like you who care and act.

  David Nicholls

Well done. I’m just about to complain to Huntingdonshire DC about the astonishing amount of litter on their roadside verges.

  Michael Behrend

I have a passion for cleaner and better society. I  organised Pathway Neighborhood.  A community litter action group.  Meanwhile, I would like to volunteer with you. So that together we can archived our better society. 


Litter on highway verges –  Until the political will is there we are going to have to suffer the blight of huge levels of litter strewn along our roads and motorways. I cannot understand why a developed nation like ours seems to be the only one that is incapable of dealing with what is, in reality, a simple issue.  I would like to get involved in both campaigning and finding ways how I can physically help in cleaning our environment.  

 Ian Morgan

Thank goodness I am not the only one!!   Seeing our streets and highways littered with debris it has inspired me to start campaigning first with a very strong letter in my paper, which was responed to very well, to speaking to my local MP about a campaing involveing local radio and junior schools. If you go to Switzerland there is no litter so why do we have to put up with this mess. Also where are our leaders on this subject. Plenty about horsemeat in our lasagne but nothing about our litter. We need to co-ordinate a powerful lobby and try and cure this situation before it gets any worse.

Blair Smillie

 Keep up the good work, I’ve just e-mailed my local council to complain about the rubbish strewn roadside verges.  Always looks worse in the winter, when the grass dies back!

Dave Formstone

UK’s filthy verges – SO encouraging to read of your superb efforts!


Julia Squier 


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