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CleanHighways’s Peter Silverman

On July 30, 2021, in Peter, by Daniel O'Neill

Sadly, Peter Silverman passed away on Tuesday 29th June 2021.

Peter’s wife and daughter were with him in hospital, holding his hands, when he slipped away peacefully in his sleep.

I’m sorry to have to bring you this sad news, which follows the head-on car crash involving Peter and his wife in January. Peter’s funeral was held in Ruislip on 16th July 2021.

In his retirement and over recent years Peter turned his attention to doing good and making changes to society and improvements to the environment.  He did that first locally with the Ruislip Residents Association and then his own “Hillingdon Watch” campaign where he influenced the local council around our hometown of Ruislip.  He investigated and lobbied for improvements around Ruislip Lido, for rubbish collection and improved litter picking around Ruislip, and it was he who forced TfL into cleaning up the railway embankments of both Ruislip and Ruislip Manor.

With what he learned about the laws surrounding different authorities’ responsibility for litter and rubbish picking, he went on to form this Clean Highways campaign – which occupied so much time in his later years.  He achieved great things and became a leading expert nationally – as this website, and your attention to this post testifies.

Inevitably, thoughts are with Peter’s family including his wife (who is home and recovering from her own injuries from the January crash), daughter, granddaughter and other close relatives.

This post was made on Peter’s family’s behalf by Daniel, a local neighbour and long-time IT assistant behind the scenes of the CleanHighways website.

If you are interested in helping Clean Highways to continue please contact me by email on

Daniel O’Neill
30th July 2021


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On September 24, 2020, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

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CleanHighways’s Peter Silverman involved in car crash

On March 15, 2021, in Peter, by Daniel O'Neill

On 27th January 2021 Peter Silverman and his wife were involved in a head-on car crash near Denham roundabout while driving home after attending Peter’s brother’s funeral. 

They were both injured in the collision and while his wife has now left hospital and is recovering well with the family’s help at home, Peter was very seriously injured and has been in hospital in intensive care since. 

Peter will be offline and out of action for some time and has a long journey of recovery ahead of him, but his doctors are pleased with progress so far.  With continued good progress we hope that Peter will soon be able to move to rehab in Hillingdon.

(This post was made on Peter’s behalf by Daniel, a local neighbour and long-time IT assistant behind the scenes of the CleanHighways website)


HE fail to clean J25 of M5 during road works

On January 26, 2021, in Highways England, by PeterSilverman

Photos taken by Kevin Doherty January 2021 Link to his Facebook post

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We would like to know – DEFRA seem to have sat on this information for over a year!

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The BBC need your videos

On January 25, 2021, in Clean Up Britain, by PeterSilverman

Support this initiative from Clean Up Britain

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Splitting responsibilities does not work. TfL should clean their strategic roads not the Boroughs.

The same considerations apply to many Highways England trunk roads


Highways England’s e-mail to Philip Swift of 11th January 2021 is a beautiful example of the Government’s policy of dumbing down HE’s statutory duty on litter. No mention is made of the EPA statutory duty.

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