Roadside litter complaints

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Period covered  5th Jan –11th April 2017  (169)


Joan Fryer says: April 11, 2017  … this country becoming a third world one with regard to … litter. …. the A34 recently, …. amount of rubbish strewn out of vehicle windows.

P McMaster says: April 11, 2017  I travel the A40 between Monmouth and Newport daily, both sides of the Highway, are heavily littered …. full carrier bags of litter and bottles of urine,both of which emanate from overnighting truck drivers…

Sarah Drury says: April 10, 2017  Thanks Peter for being such a terrier. …. the A12 and A14 and their slip roads: truly a national disgrace.

Roger Needham says: April 10, 2017   .. M54 motorway, from Wolverhampton to Telford, and the litter along the banks of the motorway is obscene. …

trevor dilley says: April 10, 2017   The A45 between Rushden and Northampton is absolutely awash with obsolete road repair furniture and flotsam …. been the case for many months.

David Brooker says: April 10, 2017    The main roads and motorways, especially the junctions, around the Gatwick area are some of the worst I have seen for litter. What on earth do visitors to our country think…?

Alexander Marchenko says: April 6, 2017   A27 east of A23 junction is so filthy… Lay-bys are not equipped with rubbish bins.

Clifford Cotterill says: April 6, 2017  .. A14 eastwards ..The amount of rubbish on the embankments between the Catthorpe interchange and the A5199 has to be seen to be believed.

Brian Lambert says: April 6, 2017  The A14 east of the M6 junction for about 10 miles is a tip. The lay-bys are worse ..This section of the A14 is always full of litter.

JOHN WOOLMER says: April 6, 2017  ….  council charges at waste sites are largely to blame for many of the increases in fly-tipping.

John Canvin says: April 5, 2017  For two years residents have been asking Harrow Council to clear fly tipping from private leasehold roads behind Rayners Lane shops…. Thanks for your site. It is a very needed facility.
Brian Fowle says:  March 28, 2017  …. saw two separate lots of litter pickers just before and after junction 3 clockwise M25 in Kent last Friday …. the A13 in Essex parts are disgusting.

Sue Frost says: March 28, 2017 …  A1 in Cambridgeshire yesterday  … rubbish strewn along the verges it beggars belief. … fine the recycle companies for not netting their lorries.

David Basson says: March 27, 2017  Good to see Kier, working for HE, litter picking westbound M27 Saturday between J7 and J5.

Monnica Wilby says: March 21, 2017   The A27 East Bound between Arundel and Dover Lane has a serious litter issue, as does the A27 west bound between Fontwell and Level Mare Lane

Brian Reynolds says: March 20, 2017   Today I watched Highways England’s private contractor, AOne Area 4, litter pick the verges on the coast bound carriageway of the A2, viewed from the Hog Lane bridge. They litter picked the strip adjacent to the hard shoulder but totally ignored the litter on the slope.. The gradient … did not present any issues of safety/practicability.

Julia Morgan says: March 19, 2017 M42/A42 en route to Nottingham from Solihull….miles and miles of roadside litter.

Janice stannard says: March 18, 2017   Since .. April 2016  …  the A249 between M20 and M2 …. the litter situation has become even worse

Jacqueline taylor says: March 17, 2017  I was walking  … along the footpath on the Bricket Wood side of the A405. … a wheelbarrow which had been dumped and tossed into the bushes was still there despite the fact that I reported this about two years ago.  [This is an HE road cleaned by HE]

Anne Fletcher says:March 17, 2017 ..  depressed every time I travel due the LITTER, …. A38, M1, M14 – was just a horrible experience.

LC says: March 17, 2017  I travel the length of the A46 between Evesham and Warwick daily for work and I get very upset to see the number of dead animals which are added to every day and which rarely get cleared away.

Ian Dare says: March 16, 2017   … the M42 & M40 today I noticed that some tree-thinning had recently been carried out….. why the heck was the litter on the same verges not picked up at the same time ? .

Sajan says:  March 16, 2017   …  heavy litter on all junction of M1 specially on J22 southbound slip road I cant believe that this is happening in England it really looks like third world country

John Hope says: March 15, 2017 …  Milton Keynes …  A 421; the verge on the section immediately you leave the city itself going towards then M1 is quite literally a litter dump.

Liz Taylor says: March 15, 2017  I travel to Chatham from Paddock Wood in Kent on Mondays and am appalled by the litter, especially around the M2/A228 junctions.

Craig says: March 14, 2017  Thank you, Peter, for your dogged pursuit of HE regarding prosecuting the bulk waste-carrier companies that appear, for the most part, to be responsible for littering our highways. You’re doing great work.

Andrew S says: March 14, 2017  The A1 … between the Tyne and Gosforth currently being litter picked as it is every March. Shame the road further north in once beautiful Northumberland is so dirty and neglected…

Sarah Butcher says: March 14, 2017   Peter, THANK YOU for doing something about this issue. ….. appalling everywhere …..  A1 slip roads j6 south,  j4 Welwyn Garden City, A505  from Baldock to A10 junction, M25 .. A1/M25 junction.

Nathan Brooks says: March 13, 2017   …. reply from my MP that represents Newark and Sherwood  … deposit system on all plastic drink bottles … was an utter pile of rubbish … What is the point of MP’s and DEFRA?

Jane Cox says: March 13, 2017  … South Staffs … every road …  strewn with waste … M54 between Cosford and Telford which ….  used to be  .. awash with Spring flowers  …. Now … with filth..

Mr P Wallis says: March 13, 2017   ….  the amount of litter strewn across our roads  ….  very depressing …. A228 slip road from the M2 junction 2 …..  starting to resemble a landfill site.

Simon Houstoun says: March 13, 2017  …  M20 .. verges .. at a stretch at Henwood, Ashford is in a disgusting state. This is right by an access point to one of Ashford’s Green Corridor spaces –Queen Mother’s Park …

Hilde Bartlett says: March 13, 2017    Link road from A3 to A 31 direction Farnham … absolutely full of .. litter … there for …  at least 1 year.    Jct. 20 of the M25 …  particularly bad on the exit road … litter there has never been cleared away properly for years

Anne J. says: March 12, 2017  What will it take for the Government to acknowledge the huge problem of roadside litter, and tackle the problem?

Jill Thomas says: March 12, 2017  … A2 between Dover and Brenley Corner is in an appalling condition with huge amounts of litter… the A256 Dover to Deal.

Brian Reynolds says: March 12, 2017   …. Gravesend in Kent to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, wall to wall linear dustbin all the way! Thanks Highways England.

Mark Godfrey says: March 12, 2017   ..  A13 … turnoff to Lakeside/ Grays the Roundabout … never seen anything like it before so much litter and Rubbish …  our family visiting from Australia was so shocked.

R Pickles says: March 11, 2017   … A12 from East London to Suffolk …. litter is the worst I have ever seen …. Australian visitors  ….. was utterly ashamed …. truly beyond comprehension.

Janet B says: March 11, 2017   I have yet to see the A3 clear of the most horrendous litter. … written to Waverley Council. The A3 is a 67 mile rubbish tip … our standards in this country are just dropping all the time.

frank goddard says: March 11, 2017    Litter Capital of England.I propose Barnsley Borough ….. we are moving our business to Doncaster borough  …. .Our customers have to.confront such filth as they journey to.our offices.

Geoff Sargeant says: March 9, 2017 A38 in Derbyshire still not cleaned … the section East from Alfreton to M1 J28 ….. an absolute disgrace, with litter … epidemic proportions .

Diane Purdey says: March 8, 2017  There is an area in Bournemouth which is strewn with Litter. It is on South West trains land.

Adrian Rudd says: March 8, 2017  Keep up the good work Peter, and let’s try and make this country green & clean, it’s like living in a enormous refuse tip litter flung all over the place !

Colette O’Neill says: March 8, 2017  …. Sussex is a rubbish tip. The South Downs are destroyed with rubbish everywhere. The A27 is like a 3rd world highway…. My local authority has 2 Litter Pickers!

Paul James says: March 6, 2017  … the verges adjoining the A27 Brighton bypass and north up the A23 to Bolney and beyond get more and more littered each week …. westbound section of the A27 from the Hollingbury through to the A23 beggars belief

Piers says: March 7, 2017   …. drove down the A229 going South from the M2 to the M20 last weekend and it was disgusting.

Andy Slade says: March 2, 2017    Wiltshire and the A350 and A4 trunk roads are a disgrace with years of detritus …… J 17 of the M4 must have several tons of paper and plastic waste in the verges.

Rod Edwards says: March 2, 2017  … UK road network … Everything from decomposing animals, shredded tyres, parts of cars, articles of clothing and furniture, traffic cones,discarded signs and various fast food containers.

Saraih Jones says: March 2, 2017   I’m so glad I have found your web page. I felt I was alone .. the frustration and time it …  to find who was responsible for … A46 in Leicestershire .. managed by 3 different councils.

Jane Goodger says: March 1, 2017  I have been reporting litter on the A1 between the Black Cat and Buckden roundabouts for months .. Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire Councils.  See dash cam video

Andrew Hemmings says: March 1, 2017  The A12 between the M25 and Colchester is an absolute disgrace. … The same litter sits there for week after week.

Carren says: February 28, 2017   The litter problem on our roads is disgusting!! Along the A14 and A46 to cheltenham is shocking and embarrassing, when did we become pigs

Fred Harris says: February 28, 2017  I have reported 110 abandoned metal frames used for road works signs on the A14 from Thrapston to the A14/ M 11 junction.

Katie says: February 28, 2017 The Kidbrooke Interchange on the A2 is an utter disgrace. We’ve had no luck in getting a response from Greenwich council or TFL despite numerous emails and letters.

CS Knowles says: February 28, 2017  Thank you for this informative website, I was glad at least not to feel alone in noticing the litter on motorways. Norwich to Kent .. the worst roads are the M11 and A11.

Sally says: February 28, 2017  Just written to Theresa May about the disgraceful state of the roads

Paul Hunt says: February 27, 2017   Just drove from Nottingham to Bamburgh in Northumberland and back. Not surprisingly, the M1, A1(M) and A1 are all in a disgraceful state.

Mike Pease says: February 27, 2017  The M56 from the M60 (Manchester) junction 1 all the way to junction 15 is carpeted in litter in the central reservation. Not surprising as I witnessed a waste transport vehicle with rubbish flying off the top

John Robson says: February 24, 2017   The amount of debris and rubbish in the verges of the Sussex stretch of the M23/A23 is getting to dreadful levels, quite revolting,.

Emily Bell says: February 23, 2017  Looking down on the M2 from the A229 road bridge … a nice pile of accumulated litter … must have been there for about a year! It could be safely litter picked.

Karen Bell says: February 22, 2017   A2 and M2 between Gravesend .. and Faversham Kent. …  beautifully littered journey to Faversham with friends from Germany. Totally shamed again… M2 onto the A229 Blue Bell Hill junction 3, … litter, litter, litter ..Welcome to Dustbin Kent

Karen Coombs says:February 22, 2017  … my husband and I picked up 20 bags of litter …. from a lay by in Foston, Derbyshire. Most of it was plastic bottles and European packaging,

HELEN PETTINELLI says: February 21, 2017  Torquay .. to Stansted Airport … A120, .. M5,  M25 and .. M11. It was basically like driving through a rubbish tip! Rubbish EVERYWHERE

IJoe says: February 20, 2017   Our roads are a national disgrace. I travel and I have not seen anything like it ANYWHERE else.

Timothy James Cullum says: February 20, 2017   Hi Peter, I’m so glad to see someone is trying to do something… A27 and M27 from Chichester to Fareham … the state of the roadsides just makes me so sad.  A29 from Slindon to Bury…  the laybys were just crammed with litter. Thanks again for the work you are doing.

Dave Lister says: February 20, 2017   Just returned from .. France, and barely saw a single piece of roadside rubbish the whole time we were there – this applied to Autoroutes, main roads and country lanes

Robin Shaw says: February 20, 2017   … M40 all the way from junction with M42 to Oxford, Junction 9 – litter all the way. We’ve never seen it s bad in years of use.

Glyn Thomas says: February 19, 2017     Bridgnorth to Norwich on the M54, M6, A14, A11 there was litter virtually all along the way.  It is truly embarrassing to see is all.

Geoff lngram says: February 19, 2017   The litter and filth we seem as a collective society to put up with is unbelievable….  this so called first world society that we live it’s a tip!

Elna Strydom says: February 19, 2017   M40 from Maidenhead to Loughborough … as far as the eye could see there were plastic bags hanging from branches and discarded empty food packaging strewn all along the side of the road.

Fred Harris says: February 18, 2017    The A509 from Kettering to Wellingborough has appalling litter , I don’t think it has ever been clean, trying to get hold of the right authority is like trying to heard smoke!

B Firmin says: February 18, 2017   A127 Southend Arterial Road … badly needs… today, that there was hardly a metre of clean area to be seen without some sort of piece(s) of litter and/or dumped material.

Diane Clarke says: February 18, 2017   The M42 and slipways around Tamworth junction have been ankle deep in litter for almost 12 months now. I drove the West coast Highway in California and not one piece of litter did I see.

Linda Averill says: February 16, 2017   We drove from Kidderminster to Bournemouth this week. …. The A350 West Cepen Way between Lacock and the Chequers roundabout (Wiltshire) is a disgrace.

John says: February 16, 2017   Our country, is fast becoming the an eye sore of Europe. I have never seen so much litter along our network of roads. A roads, B roads and motorways are all the same. … haven’t witnessed and any road side clearing throughout this winter.

Sharon Webb says: February 15, 2017 T  he A14 lay-bys between the new A14/M1 junction and the turn off to Market Harborough are a disgrace … like this all the time….. Our countryside is a disgrace in particular near busy roads.

Nathan Brooks says: February 14, 2017   This YouTube clip (of A14) from an HGV lorry driver sums up the litter crisis on the UK motorway network.

Brian Fowle says: February 14, 2017  The exit slip road from the M25 anti clockwise at junction 29 is a disgrace as was the roundabout as well … , and then the A127 from there to Basildon also a disgrace ….Keep up the excellent work Peter.

Derek Gilman says: February 16, 2017  … M25, exiting at jn 29. The northbound exit was appalling. Travelling east along the A127 and exiting at the A128 for Brentwood was even worse…  complaining seems to get us nowhere.

Anne Jolley says: February 14, 2017  Our “green and pleasant land” appears to me to be drowning in roadside litter. Driving through our once-lovely countryside has become a totally depressing experience …

barbara cuttell says: February 13, 2017  The A46 around Coventry is grim,lots of plastic on verges & draped on hedges. The A14 is dreadful – laybys are disgusting with waste piled high.

roma katten says: February 13, 2017 I   too am fed up with the litter in our country as others have said no problems across Europe …  the M25 and A1, terrible, a chair has been on the central reservation of the A1 for months.

Karen Bell says: February 13, 2017 A2 – Gravesend Tollgate Junction …  everyday …  faced with a large embankment shrewn with what looks like years of litter? ….  never seen any regular litter picking on the A2…  HE … why is they always so much litter present everyday..?

Dee says: February 13, 2017   Waterlooville, down the M27/A31to Ringwood …  the same rubbish is on the side of the road, …, like a roadside rubbish tip.

Nathan Brooks says: February 13, 2017  …  all northern European motorways are generally litter free … I cannot believe the state of the German Autobahn, litter free and the verges groomed so litter

Cherry Mills says: February 12, 2017  The A3 in Surrey leading from Milford to the M25 is a disgrace…. M23 and … A roads to Brighton … are just as bad.

Brenda Shore says: February 13, 2017  … just returned from Switzerland and could count the bits of litter I saw on just two hands. Motorways largely spotless.  We went to California in July and found the roads were spotless.

Nigel says: February 10, 2017  I’m staggered and depressed by the amount of verge side debris, your site shows this is common all over the UK. Roadside litter is a disgrace; it puts us to shame against so many other countries.

Geoff Sargeant says: February 10, 2017  Just returned from a few days holiday in Northern France again – what a contrast …. it is amazing to see how our country used to look ! – very little litter on any roads , even in the bigger towns / cities.

Brian Reynolds says: February 10, 2017 Yes, and Germany and the Netherlands the same. The grass verges in Germany are cut similar to a public garden – amazing!

James Vincent Miller says: February 10, 2017 i am sick and tired of this drivel:  In response, a spokesman for Highways England said: ” Litter is not just only unsightly, it can also be an environmental hazard – blocking drains and harming wildlife

Kev Dee says: February 10, 2017  Is there any reason why criminals can’t be assigned to pick up litter as part of their community service? What better way to repay a debt to society than to clean up the environment?

Jonathan Hatto says: February 9, 2017  Hi Peter, Great site full of useful info. Well done to you to making a stand.  Many of the comments I read on the plague of littering are aimed at treating the symptoms without looking at the underlying cause.

Billy bee says: February 9, 2017 …Dirty Great Britain the dustbin of Europe!

David Sandbrook says: February 9, 2017 Litter is everywhere. …  The sooner, we, as a society, ensure that littering becomes as unacceptable as drink driving, smoking in a place of work, not wearing a seat belt, or spitting in public the better. By the way, the A470 from Gabalfa interchange to the Cardiff boundary is appalling.

Mark Godfrey says:February 9, 2017 … so shocked … A13 just past the Wennington turn off ….  bushes , grass verge and trees covered in litter , also from the Basildon turn off towards Southend.. I felt so ashamed driving down to Southend with my Australian cousins

Derek Gilman says: February 9, 2017 …  I am coming to the conclusion that emailing these bodies (HE contractors) is ineffective, as their workforces (a couple of workers with litter pickers) and funding are severely restricted….

Billy bee says: February 9, 2017  Judging by the entire state of the highways , countryside, and abject indifference by the authorities to disregard this immense litter problem in the uk , I think Europe be well rid of us!!!!!

Brian Fowle says: February 8, 2017  ..  Sadlers Farm to the M25 junction … must be one of the filthiest stretches of the A13 why does it never seem to get cleaned,

Peter Tiffany says: February 8, 2017   On Jan 8th 2017 I emailed Highways England to complain about … litter on …  A405 between the M1 and M25 and … slip roads at Junction 6 of the M1 and 21a of the M25. However, a month on if any clean-up has been carried out I’d be surprised!

Karen Bell says: February 8, 2017    Tollgate in Gravesend along the A2 and then the M2 to Maidstone … disgusting and the slip road … horribly littered.  A2 …  shrewn with litter Cobham .. central reservations untouched for at least six months. Why the hell?

Ian Dare says:February 8, 2017  The M42 between junction 10 and 11 – especially the northbound side – is a scene of complete squalor,  Is there no-one with a shred of professional pride at Highways England ?

C. Gormly says: February 8, 2017 Almost the whole M11 has an enormous amount of litter …  the slip road at Junction 14 is full of … litter. Last year I drove to Canvey Island from the M25. The route there in Essex was the worst for litter I have ever seen.

Mary Stubbs says: February 8, 2017  I share your pain on litter. I have written on this site before about problems with litter in my area (north of Southampton) alongside main roads but also rural roads.

Robert says: February 8, 2017  Peter is our saviour! I honestly do not understand what is going on in this country – the litter problem is the worst, probably, in the world. What an utter disgrace

Brian Reynolds says: February 8, 2017  Central government thinks it is hard to solve but it isn’t. Highways England should be forced to adhere to the Environment Protection Act 1990

Georgina Smith says: February 6, 2017 ….  in desperate need of attention. A2 Dartford Heath roundabout and approaching slip roads, eastbound to the M25 junction. A289 from M2 to Chatham.

D Hutchinson says: February 5, 2017 … the litter in and around Worcester and Upton upon Severn is disgraceful. The A38 ….  is full of litter … slip roads at the junction of the M5 and M50 are covered in rubbish.

Celia Derbyshire says: On Sunday January 29th … was saddened and shocked by the litter on the verges and central reservations of the A1. M25 to the Newark turn-off … litter was evident for the entire length.

Tim Odell says:  A20 between Folkestone and Dover is like driving through a tip. Really disgusting. The M20 between Folkestone and Ashford, esp around J 11 is pretty grimy as well.

Dave Lister says: All main roads in this area (Wiltshire/ Somerset border) are choked with garbage, in particular the A36 Warminster by pass and the A361 Frome by pass.

Brian Reynolds says: My MP Adam Holloway, Gravesham is great at writing to Highways England for me to receive the same ‘we collect 150,000 blackssacks of rubbish per annum’ but that’s where it ends.

Brian Aitchison says: Peter – Your hard work is very much appreciated. Please continue to keep the pressure on!

Steve Dennard says: On the M42 yesterday (Feb1) and watched a pick up truck reg. VE55 MVX dump a large cardboard box of rubbish on the hard shoulder and then drive off. Incredible!

Chris Ashby says: he A162 from the Ferrybridge Services ….  is litter strewn…  all along the verges and along embankments…  Contacted local council who stated it was not their responsibility.

Graham Waddington QPM says: … North Oxfordshire to Newark … entire length of verges … were covered in discarded detritus, food wrappers, drink cans etc. Crick junction of the M1 was perhaps the most affected.

David Allard says:  I drove to Bristol from Swindon yesterday along the M4 and was appalled by the amount of litter on the motorway especially around J15 (East Swindon).

Catherine B says: …..M25, off at the Junction with A41 .. then litter along the whole of the dual carriageway on A41 as far as A414. Dacorum Borough Council … stating they can only afford to clear up the litter twice a year.

Nigel Hawkey says: The M40 is currently in an appalling state from Junction 16 down to Junction 12, and has been for many weeks.

Carole Thin says: I drove south on the A34 from Oxford, disgusting litter on both sides …. Also the A27 driving east towards Chichester, disgusting litter

Mervyn Kettle says: Many of our roads, in particular the busier A30 and A38 are an absolutely disgusting eyesore due to continual depositing of litter

Iain Dreger says: I’ve recently driven along the most litter-strewn roadside I’ve seen. M4 Eastbound Junction 10 slip-road to A329 (M) heading west. A complete rubbish tip. Royal Berkshire!

Nathan Brooks says: The M25 on the Essex side is just one length of rubbish. A14 three words – Filthy and forgotten! A1 from Peterborough to Newark – all the verges are choked with uncollected litter.

John says: I follow you site and admire your dedication. Thanks for trying to address this issue at a higher level.

John Lindsay says: In Buckinghamshire both A355 approaches to the intersection with J2 M40 are litter strewn. The litter can be seen for 2 miles on either side of the A355

Tony says: A bit of good news to reward Peter’s hard work. Brighton and Hove Council have finally started work on clearing litter off the A27.

Sally says: .. when I drive it is every motorway and road that I drive along. It is so bad it actually makes me feel ill. PLEASE get something done stop the talking lets have some action NOW

Brian Reynolds says: I just cannot understand why the HE is in such denial over what is a chronic embarrassment to this country. Even tourists are noticing the litter disease that has happened.

Mark Dickinson says: The litter at junction 26 of the M25 both entering and leaving motorway is appalling.

Linda Carver says: I travelled on the M4 today, and the litter around junction 11 was particularly disgusting

Brian Reynolds says: The Darenth Interchange Between the M25-A228 Dartford Tunnel Approach-A2….  roundabout and slips are heavily littered and the rubbish is strewn down the embankments

David Basson says: I have been pressing a local council for several months to clear the roundabout over J9 of M27 at Park Gate, Hants – together with surrounding verges as they are a running sore for litter.

N O’Mahony says: The verges of A14 between Bottisham turnoff and Milton turnoff heading westwards are full of litter and getting worse. I have never seen any cleanup activity going on in the four years.

Brian Reynolds says: A14 between the M6 and Huntingdon Has the cleaning authority just given up on the A14? I have never seen so much litter and general dumped rubbish in my life.

Paul Wood says: I regularly travel on the M62 between J21 and17, appalling litter all along the motorway, plastic sheeting hanging from trees. If other countries can keep their roads clean why can’t we?

Rob Madgwick says: Just driven home from the New Forest to Winchester using the M27, the M3 and the A34 and all of these major roads are absolutely riddled with litter.

Clive G says: B1160 a beautiful stretch of forest near Elveden strewn with litter. Almost expect to see litter in most urban areas nowadays but so sad when it’s in our rural places of beauty.

Ian Dare says: Just a report for Mr Harris: the M5 southbound between J6 and 11A is badly littered..  the M42 northbound between J10 and 11 is bad, but especially around J11..  M1 northbound 23A-24A also bad.

Paul Hunt says:The A453 carriageway was named in honour of British service personnel killed in combat ….  from Clifton to J24A of the M1 is, as sadly are so many of our highways, badly littered.

Jane Goodger says: It’s heartening (though saddening too) to see that others are as frustrated as I am by the growing litter problem

Brian Lambert says: .. the A31 from the western end of the M27 to Ringwood …. the margins and central reservation of this road are in a dreadful state in relation to rubbish discarded from vehicles.

C Boreham says: The M20 from Maidstone to Folkestone and then the A20 on to Dover are covered in litter. The roundabouts over Junctions 10, 11 and 12 are particularly bad.

JEANE DOY says: The A31 from Farnham to Guildford is a sad eyesore, as is the Southbound exit from the M & S services on the A3 (near the southbound turn-off for Wisley).

James Wright says: I drove along the a27 from Brighton to Portsmouth yesterday and the Brighton section was a depressingly filthy as ever but it was heartening to see cleaners out around Worthing.

L Halsey says: Chewing gum is becoming a progressively worse problem on Britain’s streets, particularly town centres. It … makes the pavements look like they are diseased

Douglas Dimpsey says: A40 between the target roundabout and the slip road to the Polish Wat memorial, contacted Ealing council three times to clean it up … Ealing council not fit for purpose.

Kim Waters says: I travel down th A1 in Hertfordshire to work every morning. I sit in slow moving traffic looking at other people’s rubbish and rubbish left by highways workers

Marion Kinnear says:  In Canada there is no litter. The metal bins everywhere are huge and have heavy lids so that litter cannot escape. Employ specialist teams ….. to clear up litter and to fine littering drivers.

Louise R says: Useless (leaked) litter proposals. ….Peter’s suggestions need to be taken on board and instigated.

Ceri Blower says:  …  the roads I travel on look pretty much as bad as Egypt did. I regularly travel from Surrey to Cornwall – M25/M4/M5/Devon Expressway – all bad …  Surrey to Cambridge – same thing.

Mike Waight says: the A350 (both sides) between the M4 (Junction 17) and  .. junction with the A4 (Corsham road)  … The amount of litter on the verges and roadside is absolutely disgusting.

Brian Fowle says:  .. the M20 from junction 1 to junction 8 and then onto the A20 … I couldnt believe the amount of roadside litter on both roads its such a shame as Kent is a beautiful county.

Julia Morgan says: I wish to complain about the continuous stream of litter that lines the edge of the A14 from where it meets the M6 and then for miles in an easterly direction

Mike Pease says: The central reservation of the M62 from Manchester to Leeds has a disgraceful litter problem.

S Hickson says: All slipways, verges, undergrowth from M25 junction 3 to A20 and M20 are in a shocking state … from M25 junction 4 to A21 also heavily littered. Much of this litter has been there for months.

Iain Dreger says:  Hello Peter, the A27, especially the stretch around Brighton, continues to look more like a refuse tip than a trunk road.

James Vincent Miller says: M4 from Swindon to Bristol is filthy.

Anthea Dempsey says: This afternoon (09/01/17) I drove on the A23 north from Pyecombe to Bolney. This road is very heavily littered and it is distressing to see it still in this state.

John Lindsay says: Both A355 approaches to intersection with J2 at M40 (in every direction) are litter strewn. It has been at least 6-8 months

Peter Bourne says:  …. the filthiest main roads in Britain are the A23 (to Brighton) and the A 14 (in Northants).

David G says: A3 southbound slip onto M25. I am constantly reporting litter here….. HE are obviously reacting to reports but failing in their duty to maintain a level of cleanliness.

Geoff Sargeant says: Peter – I … have great admiration for your work. I travel the A38 regularly , from J28 to Derby …  continual mess … lay- bys .. are terrible – one near Little Eaton… like a local waste tip !!

Graham Precey says: Its good to see how many people like me care for the state of the roads .. I suspect a lot of the litter comes from trucks transporting the litter to dumps.

Mark Godfrey says: The stretch between A13 wennington Essex to the QE2 bridge Dartford / M25 turn off. Also the stretch of A13 to the Roundabout to wennington and M25 Full up of litter

JEANE DOY says: The state of our roadsides and verges begs the question are we the dirtiest country in the EU? Sadly I think we are and very little is being done by the government to reverse this.

Steve Dennard says:  South on the A2 East Rochester Way from Eltham to Bexleyheath …  covered in plastic carrier bags, bottles …. for the last few years ..  have never seen any clearance.

Philip Mounstephen says:  … A27 – travelled along it from Havant to Chichester the other day. Awful litter on the verges.  Likewise the A34 – notably in the Vale of White Horse Council section.

Paul Hunt says: The lay-by on the A50 (Westbound) under the SawleyJct is heavily littered and obviously has not been de-littered in a considerable time …  the responsible council is North West Leicestershire.

Big Georgie Porgy says: Peter, I greatly admire your excellent work south of the border. My own FoI / EIR requests of all ‘duty bodies’ in Scotland have shown that ALL are failing to follow guidance in COPLAR.


Complaints prior to 4th January 2017:

15th Nov 2015 – 3rd Jan 2017

Jan – March 2015 – The Dirty Dossier



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