Please refer to Penalty Notices for littering (including from vehicles)

Following an info  enquiry I discovered that Wandsworth Borough Council had issued the folowing number of notices for this offence:

2013/14  –  78 (4 were appealed)
2014/15  –  64  (2 appeals)

The appeals were made to London Tribunals.

Checking their web site I found that the following number of appeals for this offence had been processed:

2013/14   –  no info not available
2014/15    – 6 appeals (all from Wandsworth – the 4 from 13/14 have been lumped into 14/15)
2015/16    – 1 appeal (all from Wandsworth)

All 7 appeals have come from registered keepers who committed offences in Wandsworth.

Does this mean Wandsworth are the only London Borough using this legislation?

Does it indicate that Wandsworth themselves issued fewer PCNs in 2015/16?

To  check the latter point I have requested an update from Wandsworth

Peter Silverman
9th March 2017





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