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Thanks Peter – the list of complaints is awful. It’s horrifying to read this awful story of environmental contempt by our fellow citizens and bureaucratic incompetence by the responsible authorities.  

Adrian Phillips





The problem

Under  S89 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 bodies such as Highways England (motorways and most trunk roads)  and local authorities (other roads) have a statutory duty to “ensure” that their highways  are “kept” clear of litter and refuse. See my 2 minute video “Duty to keep highways clear of litter

However in 2010 Mike Penning MP described our motorways as being “blighted by litter” and in 2015 a Commons Select Committee concluded that that “England is a litter-ridden country compared to most of Europe, North America and Japan”.


Our Mission

The mission of Clean Highways is to hold duty bodies to account  for not complying with the legislation on litter.  This means getting them to pick up litter more promptly and to use the wide range of powers available to deter and punish the perpetrators of littering and fly-tipping. No one else is doing this.


What we do

I work with people who are trying to get their local authorities to comply with their statutory duties on litter such as Richard Weller in Newport.

Following introductions from supporters I have met 17 MPs and now work closely with Kevin Hollinrake MP.  I am an external member of the All Party Parliamentary Tidy Britain Group.

I have  met with  the Chairman of the Highways England, Colin Matthews, HE executives, the Office of Rail & Road, the DfT and DEFRA.

I have set up a system whereby complaints about litter on the Highways England’s network  are entered on line and routed directly to their CEO Jim O’Sullivan.

In 2014 I participated in BBC1’s “Don’t Mess With Me” and in 2015 their “Inside Out” teams investigation into roadside litter.

I have produced two rolling reports:   Solving the litter problem  and   Litter on motorways and trunk roads


Key Objectives

Our current key objectives can be seen here



Peter Silverman
12th August 2016


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